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     the FREEDOM letter  

by Tom Lomas, November 10, 2000 - Holiday Edition





“Your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you.” (Eph 6:10)



(This part of Freedom Letter updated  from earlier issues)

The Freedom Letter, 40 Days to Freedom, and The Man in the Desert are publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc., a non-denominational ministry, organized as a Florida not-for-profit corporation (#N94000005074) in 1994. Providing insight and God-given procedure for freeing the human spirit from all that would enslave is the focus of all our publications. Tom Lomas, the author,  was told by his Creator to "follow the example of Jesus' forty days in the desert" in answer to a desperate prayer when on the brink of a second suicide attempt.

Tom’s addiction of almost forty years was classified by psychiatry as “masterful instinct” (incurable). During the forty day walk in the desert of his soul, he was spiritually reborn and set free. God then disclosed the reason he was given a procedure, instead of an instant healing, was for Tom to write 40 Days to Freedom so souls in bondage, all over the world, would experience this same, glorious, God-given freedom and rebirth.

Since early 1995, 16,700 in-print copies of 40 Days to Freedom have been distributed without cost to the recipients, as a gift from their Creator Father, through Freedom Ministries, Inc. Our miracle book has been given freely to souls in need in 25 countries, 49 states, all US territories, including individuals, 135 prisons and jails, and 192 prison and recovery ministries.  This does not include distribution through our web site as a free download since 1996.  40 Days to Freedom has been out-of-print since early 1999; and we are hopeful for a third printing soon as God's provision is now in process through the publishing and distribution of our second book which is available to the public both online and in print.

 In answer to a prayer for prisoners, on May 18, 1999, God gave Tom the title of this second book, The Man in the Desert.  Author royalties are paid directly to our ministry for the purpose of a third printing and free distribution of 40 Days to Freedom.  Donations will also be used for this purpose.  If you wish to be a part of that process, see "Contact Us." Freedom Ministries, Inc. is qualified as a 501(c)(3)charitable organization (IRS #585090062).

Each issue of the Freedom Letter - On the Road has deviated from the standard format to share Tom's experiences, blessings, and inspirations while traveling over the globe with his bicycle, White Lightnin.'  This is the final report on Freedom Journey 2000 (FJ2K).

God's plan included bicycling from Orlando to Vancouver, WA (completed July 1, 2000 - Day 92), traveling by freighter ship (completed August 20, 2000 - Day 141) to Italy to view the Shroud of Turin (display started only days before reaching port, completed August 24, 2000 - Day 145), and traveling by bicycle and ferry to Paris, London, and finally to Northern Ireland (arrived September 25, 2000 - Day 178).  Tom returned to Central Florida on October 22, 2000 - Day 205.  The primary purpose for this journey of many miles, states, oceans, and countries, as assigned by God, was to publicize Tom's second book, The Man in the Desert.  Here again love, truth, and freedom are the topics with the purpose of individual and global spiritual rebirth.  His autobiography including forty years of addiction, healing and rebirth, and the last ten years of growing unity with God are the backdrop of this message from the Father of Love to all the precious children of His creation.  We are assured the book will be a best seller and God's purpose will be fulfilled.




On May 12, 2000 (Day 62, FJ2K) Tom married Johanna in the Prayer Garden in Glorieta, New Mexico. The news of this blessed event was intentionally suppressed and not announced in the Freedom Letter - On the Road until both were able to share the news with their families in person.  For Tom this was not possible until his return from FJ2K.  

In 1992, in his prior profession as a Certified Financial Planner, Tom met Johanna, employed by a company connected to his business, by phone and fax between Orlando and St. Petersburg separated by only seventy miles.  The relationship was strictly business until the formation of Freedom Ministries, Inc. and the publishing of 40 Days to Freedom in 1995.  Johanna became the most enthusiastic ministry supporter, then board member, then editor for the book growing out of FJ2K.  The couple never met face-to-face until Johanna stepped from an airplane in Santa Fe on May 11, 2000.

This extraordinary true romance, primarily experienced by e-mail, will be an important part of Freedom Journey 2000 - A Love Story expected to be published in late 2001.  Indeed, Freedom Journey 2000 was a love experience of God's unlimited love for every person on earth, His love for His obedient servant Tom demonstrated in provision and protection for every mile of FJ2K, and His orchestration of the marriage of two souls in a lifetime commitment of service and love.  Tom and Freedom Ministries have relocated from Orlando to St. Petersburg where Johanna is still employed by the same company as when they initially met by phone.  The new ministry mailing address is posted on the form at the end of this newsletter.





Prelude: The following are unedited excerpts from daily journal entries of Freedom Journey 2000.  The entire edited journals will be an important part of the book, Freedom Journey 2000, and will cover the time from departure from Orlando on April 1, 2000 until return from Belfast on October 22, 2000.  In addition the love story of Johanna and Tom will be told.  Also, entire chapters will grow out of spiritual truths revealed by Father God as He accompanied me on this journey of revelation.

Day 202 (Day 1 of WCCM Conference), Belfast, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16406 total miles: We arrived at the Waterfront Hall about 8:30 AM for registration and then attended the opening sessions which included a presentation by Fr. Laurence Freeman, the American leader of the WCCM, on the vision of John Main and the way of peace. During the lunch break, Bill drove me to the bicycle shop to pick up my free box for packing White Lightnin' for the air trip home. We had an opening meditation session and workshops in the afternoon. I attended one entitled "Beyond Understanding" which encouraged not prejudging others or situations.

Day 203 (Day 2 of WCCM Conference), Belfast, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16406 total miles: After meditation Fr. Freeman dialogued with the Dalai Lama who had an interpreter at his side. Fr. Freeman asked questions and the Dalai would answer either directly or through the interpreter. Views, both Christian and Buddist were discussed pertaining primarily to the challenge of world peace. Also common ground was sought between the two faiths. The Dalai is attending other functions here in this community so used to violence for so long. The heads of the Northern Ireland Government were present to welcome the Dalai as well as a representative of the British Government.

Day 204 (Day 3 of WCCM Conference), Belfast, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16406 total miles: This morning's session started with testimonials of victims of violence in Northern Ireland including a perpetrator who had served a fourteen year prison sentence starting as a teen ager. His father had been killed in the sectarian conflict when he was a child. For me this was the most heart touching part of the seminar. I had the opportunity to shake hands with this gentleman who now counsels prisoners and was happy to receive a freedom card.

Day 205 (final day), Orlando, FL, USA, 4700 air miles, 21106 total miles: Throughout the day I would be blessed by baggage handlers, security officers, check-in clerks, stewardesses, and other passengers. Many graciously received freedom cards with enthusiasm. At one moment of silent meditation in my seat crossing the Atlantic it seemed the entire journey and the love exhibited by God through it impacted me profoundly.




(This part of Freedom Letter revised from previous issue)

The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict is published and available. http://www.1stbooks.com/cgi-bin/1st?partner~1st|type~3|Data1~3179 is the link-address for ordering both print and download copies through the Internet. Print copies are also available at bookstores either through POD (print-on-demand) machines or by order from Ingram's Distributors or by calling 1-800-839-8640.

Spiritual and personal freedom is again the theme as is true with all the publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc. In addition, The Man in the Desert includes my personal and spiritual autobiography which was not included in our first book. As since disclosed to me, this was God’s plan that I experience nine years of His tutelage of my soul, after rebirth through His Holy Spirit, before sharing my full autobiography in print.

Some will judge this book as radical since man-created myths within Christian denominations are disclosed and criticized for hiding the true message and purpose of Jesus.  Both Biblical and other sources such as the Shroud of Turin and the Padgett Messages of early in the twentieth century are referenced in the disclosures.  Also, direct revelations from God such as the "Internal Bible" given each soul at its creation are presented.

I am thankful to the Father for making this new work available to His children, which we all on this earth are, before the new millennium in 2001. Its powerful message has the potential to do much to bring sanity and hope and freedom from all fears to our beleaguered, materialistic world. My cup truly overflows and my prayer is that overflow will bless you through The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict.                




The holidays are soon upon us and we'll all be caught up in visiting and feasting and giving.  Please consider giving the gift of freedom this year not only to those you love but also those difficult to love.  You may do so by informing others of our web site as a source of publications spreading God's freedom thoughout the earth.  There our original miracle book, 40 Days to Freedom, may be downloaded  without cost for printing or reading or the links may be followed to purchase The Man in the Desert, print or download copies.  Links are provided at the bottom of this page. 

As we approach the end of the Second Millenium and the beginning of the Third, I am filled with a sense that the world is indeed ready for the truth that "God is love" and all-loving and that untruth created by man, no matter how deeply ingrained in our traditions, must be exposed and purged if we are indeed to experience peace on earth and good will to all of God's creation.

I pray your journey through this short life on earth will be filled to overflowing with God's blessings, His provision, His freedom which is the only true freedom for the human soul, and most of all with His Divine Love. I sincerely wish all our readers a holiday season filled with love and a new millenium with every person on earth seeing every other person as a true brother or sister whose soul was created by the Creator of all that is good.





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