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This work is offered five years after the publication of author Tom Lomas' first book, 40 Days to Freedom. The forty day procedure, which healed his forty year addiction, is here again presented but as the author actually lived it the first time in 1990. Then the reader is able to to witness and share Tom's spiritual growth during the ensuing ten years.  Discover first-hand, through your own forty day journey in the desert of your soul, the all-loving Father portrayed in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the Father who patiently awaits our return yet never violates our free will to choose our own path. This book will open the door for many to experience a freedom of mind and soul never before realized.

Published by Author House in association with  Freedom Ministries, Inc.  Print and download copies distributed online by  Author House.  Distributed through major bookstores by Lightning Source, a subsidiary of Ingram Book Group (ISBN 158500880X).

An outline of The Man in the Desert is presented below for your study and consideration.  "Inspiration" is presented in its entirety; then chapter sub-titles are shown for the following chapters.

Should you decide to purchase The Man in the Desert ($9.95+s&h print copy or $3.95 download copy), all author royalties are donated to Freedom Ministries, Inc. (non-denominational, non-profit) which pays no salaries as the work of all members is done on a volunteer basis.

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The Man in the Desert

Diary of a Freed Addict

by Tom Lomas


Inspiration ... viii

Preface ... xi

I. The First Fifty Years ... 1

II. The Desert ... 25

III. The Eyes of Jesus ... 49

IV. Passion ... 77

V. The Father’s Love ... 111

VI. In the Presence ... 129

VII. Heaven and Hell ... 145

VIII. The Third Man ... 159

Acknowledgments ... 177


From 1990 to 1992, I wrote a book entitled 40 Days to Freedom. Immediately before the writing started, I had been healed from an addiction to sexual lust which had its roots in my discovery of pornography as a youngster and persisted and grew worse until, at age fifty, I was totally and irrevocably freed through a God-given procedure hidden in the Gospels of the New Testament. I say hidden because, having been a Christian all my life and having been very familiar with the specific scripture involved, never before, to my knowledge, had its true meaning been revealed, not by any Bible teacher, nor by any priest or minister. This truth is so powerful it is capable of solving all of the problems and challenges of a world filled with greed and lust and conflict. I will leave the details of this miraculous procedure for later in this work.

About a month after the healing, I was directed to write about the procedure so the same healing I had received could be experienced by others suffering from all sorts of addictions, harmful obsessions, and compulsive behavior. Not to be included in that first writing was my testimony or life story about my addiction and healing.

Immediately after completion of the first manuscript, a door opened to prison ministry; and I saw this as a calling for giving my verbal testimony of healing and for distributing the book which was to be published in early 1995. In the years following we have been wonderfully blessed to have witnessed, in some instances first-hand, many healings and many souls freed to a new life of peace and fulfillment. Some of the testimonies of those blessed with true freedom are reported in various locations at our website ( I have been asked many times if I would write another book; and I would usually respond that the distribution of the one book would be a full-time job for the rest of my life which seems to be the opposite of inspiration for this new work.

After a year part-time, our ministry, Freedom Ministries, Inc., was called full-time in early 1996. At that time I received three key messages or directions: “(1) the organized churches are filled with people in bondage who are not receiving from their churches what they need to break their chains; (2) this message of freedom (contained in 40 Days to Freedom and this new work) will blanket the earth; (3) distribute the books and I’ll (God) take care of the rest.” These were received, not together, but within a time frame of a week.

While the prison doors have flown open to us, the church doors have not. This is not a criticism but a simple fact. For the most part, when we have ministered at churches, the invitation has not come from clergy or pastors, but from members within the congregation or lay ministries within the church. In each instance, our verbal testimony and the free distribution of our first book have had a powerful impact. And we have been able to reach both the churched and unchurched through the Internet (since early 1996) and through prison ministries, prison chaplains, and recovery ministries. Through early 1999, sixteen thousand seven hundred copies of 40 Days to Freedom have been distributed throughout the USA and twenty-three other countries.

Message #3 told me I was to do no fund raising for our legal charity. No special money raising events, no big sales pitches, rather making the opportunity to donate or invest in God’s work quietly available. I was being led to be a messenger, not a fund-raiser; and I was shown the two are not compatible in the same person.

Since most of those we were serving were not people of material means, after my savings were exhausted with the second printing of 40 Days to Freedom in early 1998, our ministry remained financially lean (broke) to the present time. Somehow the bills were always paid. More specifics on this later.

We knew there would be a third printing of 40 Days to Freedom and we knew it would be fifty thousand copies; but, with the ministry checking account averaging under five hundred dollars, we didn’t know how. We simply trusted God as we are encouraged to do throughout the Bible.

Early one morning in May 1999, while in study and prayer in my office. I was given the title The Man in the Desert. It was the final piece to a puzzle that started with the writing of 40 Days to Freedom; and in a rush all of the pieces came flying together. I was to write this new book, which would include my life’s testimony, which would provide the funding to continue the free flow of 40 Days to Freedom to the prisons and jails and ministries where the need is so great and the resources so few.

More importantly, The Man in the Desert, through its own message, would become an important part of God’s “blanketing the earth” with His message of freedom to all his children regardless of their earthly circumstances.


I. The First Fifty Years

Subtitles: The First Man, Puberty and Sexual Enlightenment?, Aviation Cadet Training, I Meet Pat, Addiction Rules, Addiction Infects All Aspects of Life, Air Force Career, Military Outcast to Branded Civilian, The Power of Prayer, Cursillo Involvement, Addiction and Hypocrisy, Change, Fatal Attraction, A Coping Addict, The Church, Incurable, Surrender

II. The Desert

Subtitles: Truth, Self Vs Oneness, Total Surrender, Immersing in God, God of Wrath?, God of Love, Forty Days, Individual Vs Group Rehab, Strength of God, WWJD?, Fasting, Replacing Addiction with God, No Perfect Religion, The Core Addiction, Strength in Weakness, Revelation is Continuous, Experience the Power, Born Again!, Free at Last!, Surrender to God, Perfection

III. The Eyes of Jesus

Subtitles: Destiny, Truth, Immortality, Imperfection, New Birth, God’s Direction, Rebirth and Healing, Revelation by Puzzle, The Three Temptations, The Greatest Power, The Second Coming, The Truth, Evolution?, Reincarnation?, The Celestial Testament of Jesus, Revelation, Love, Freedom, Boundaries of Discovery, Once Saved Always Saved?, Sacred Life

IV. Passion

Subtitles: The Second Man, Jesus the Man, Anger and Wrath of God?, Is Jesus God?, Faith and Reason, Who is Jesus?, The Ultimate Pacifist, The Body and Blood of Jesus, The Physical Proof, Prayer and Meditation, The Blood of Jesus, The Risen Body

V. The Father’s Love

Subtitles: God of Love, Second Rebirth, God Dependence, We Are Soul, True Freedom, Coincidence?, Faith and Reason, The Future of Organized Religion, Spirit, God Doesn’t Manipulate, The Day of Judgment

VI. In the Presence

Subtitles: Free at Last, Circumstances No Longer Rule, Investing Time, God Through Us, Prison Ministry, God’s Presence, Children of God, God’s Orchestration, Silent Presence, Emotions, Soul Progression on Earth, Godliness and Normality, Agape, Opportunity in Adversity

VII. Heaven and Hell

Subtitles: Harmony, Hell on Earth?, Heaven, One or Two or Three?, Knowledge of the Truth, The Power of Prayer, The Evolution of Sin, The Second Coming, The Gates Closed

VIII. The Third Man

Subtitles: Soul, Angels, A Matter of Focus, Love is the Way, Freedom or Bondage, Our Choice, The Only Freedom, How Many Lives Per Soul?, Abortion, Probation After Death?, Transformation Not Atonement, All About Love, Reason, Evolution of the Church, The Future of Organized Religion, Freedom Ministers, God’s Harmony

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