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On the Road with Tom Lomas 10/17/00 - Belfast Issue


ARMAGH DAYS 157 - 199



“Your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you.” (Eph 6:10)



(This part of Freedom Letter updated  from earlier issues)

The Freedom Letter, 40 Days to Freedom, and The Man in the Desert are publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc., a non-denominational ministry, organized as a Florida not-for-profit corporation (#N94000005074) in 1994. Providing insight and God-given procedure for freeing the human spirit from all that would enslave is the focus of all our publications. Tom Lomas, the author,  was told by his Creator to "follow the example of Jesus' forty days in the desert" in answer to a desperate prayer when on the brink of a second suicide attempt.

Tom’s addiction of almost forty years was classified by psychiatry as “masterful instinct” (incurable). During the forty day walk in the desert of his soul, he was spiritually reborn and set free. God then disclosed the reason he was given a procedure, instead of an instant healing, was for Tom to write 40 Days to Freedom so souls in bondage, all over the world, would experience this same, glorious, God-given freedom and rebirth.

Since early 1995, 16,700 in-print copies of 40 Days to Freedom have been distributed without cost to the recipients, as a gift from their Creator Father, through Freedom Ministries, Inc. Our miracle book has been given freely to souls in need in 25 countries, 49 states, all US territories, including individuals, 135 prisons and jails, and 192 prison and recovery ministries.  This does not include distribution through our web site as a free download since 1996.  40 Days to Freedom has been out-of-print since early 1999; and we are hopeful for a third printing by soon as God's provision is now in process through the publishing and distribution of our second book which is available to the public both online and in print.

 In answer to a prayer for prisoners, on May 18, 1999, God gave Tom the title of this second book, The Man in the Desert.  Author royalties are paid directly to our ministry for the purpose of a third printing and free distribution of 40 Days to Freedom.  Donations will also be used for this purpose.  If you wish to be a part of that process, see "Contact Us." Freedom Ministries, Inc. is qualified as a 501(c)(3)charitable organization (IRS #585090062).

Each issue of the Freedom Letter - On the Road has deviated from the standard format to share Tom's experiences, blessings, and inspirations while traveling over the globe with his bicycle, White Lightnin.'  This is the final "on the road" issue published and distributed from Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he will attend the annual conference of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  A final report on Freedom Journey 2000 (FJ2K) will be distributed by email from Central Florida after completion of the journey.  

God's plan included bicycling from Orlando to Vancouver, WA (completed July 1, 2000 - Day 92), traveling by freighter ship (completed August 20, 2000 - Day 141) to Italy to view the Shroud of Turin (display started only days before reaching port, completed August 24, 2000 - Day 145), and traveling by bicycle and ferry to Paris, London, and finally to Northern Ireland (arrived September 25, 2000 - Day 178).  The primary purpose for this journey of many miles, states, oceans, and countries, as assigned by God, is to publicize Tom's second book, The Man in the Desert.  Here again love, truth, and freedom are the topics with the purpose of individual and global spiritual rebirth.  His autobiography including forty years of addiction, healing and rebirth, and the last ten years of growing unity with God are the backdrop of this message from the Father of Love to all the precious children of His creation.  We are assured the book will be a best seller and God's purpose will be fulfilled.




This edition of the Freedom Letter - On the Road was composed during a three week sabbatical in Armagh, Northern Ireland.  On arriving in Belfast on September 25th I was unsure of how I was to spend my time until the seminar on October 19th.  Was I to cycle into Ireland and to Dublin to meet my friends arriving there on the 18th?  Or was I to stay in Belfast in prayer study and meditation, cycling only enough for exercise each day?  Or did God have another plan?  His plan, as revealed in the journal excerpts, was for me to cycle forty miles southwest of Belfast to a small but important community named Armagh, the proclaimed ecclesiastical capitol of Ireland as established by St. Patrick.

Record books are filled with stories of human achievement, not so many with modern day God achievement.  This series of "on the road" Freedom Letters and the following book Freedom Journey 2000 is.  It is a modern day true story of what can be achieved by anyone who totally surrenders to God and then trusts in His direction and provision, no matter what, with the faith that He wants only the best for each of us.  Well, you might say, "Why doesn't He just give the best to each of us to begin with if He loves us so much?" Indeed, He loves us so much that He will not violate our free will under any circumstances.  So we must not only sincerely want what He offers; but, as Jesus told us in the Bible, we must "seek" it; and, if oneness with God is our heart's desire, then we must "seek" Him who will always respond with Divine Love.

In Belfast, from the 19th to the 21st of October, I will attend the annual conference of the World Community for Christian Meditation entitled "John Main Seminar 2000: The Way of Peace." The Dalai Lama will be the guest speaker and leaders from many other of the world's great religions will also attend and present.  Since God's message of truth in The Man in the Desert is for all people of the world, regardless of religious identification, I believe my attendance at this meeting to be no accident or coincidence.         





Prelude: The following are unedited excerpts from my daily journals of Freedom Journey 2000.  The entire edited journals will be an important part of the book, Freedom Journey 2000, and will cover the time from my departure from Orlando on April 1, 2000 until my return from Europe on October 22, 2000.

Day 157(rest day - Freedom Letter), Paris, 0 miles, 15328 total miles: I finished trans mission of the introduction message and link to "Freedom Letter on the road, Paris Issue" to one thousand addressees at about 6:30 PM, took a quick shower, and headed across the street to Bertha's where I found a friendly, helpful waiter who could speak a little English. I was early but he seated me and gave me a menu and a glass of wine. I ordered something he instinctively knew I wouldn't like and convinced me to make another selection which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was a well done ground steak covered with a fried egg and accompanied by steak fries. A customer who spoke fluent English assisted the waiter and we had some ensuing conversation which ended with his expression of belief in spirit guidance for good and his stating he would read my book.

Day 158 (rest day), Paris, France, 0 miles, 15328 total miles: I was going to visit the Louvre and Rodin Museums but they're closed on Tuesdays. Go figure! The Museum d'Orsay was one of only two open and it was close to the Louvre so there I went. I did a sort of express tour and left for Notre Dame Cathedral planning to pray there. I did not. It seemed more like another museum to me than a church. I was not moved at all spiritually. Then off to the Eiffel Tower, rode the car up and was impressed with the sheer size of Paris. In the Museum d'Orsay I had enjoyed an 1855 huge painting of the city and an architect's model. I then returned to the tourist information center I visited on entering the city and received infoo pertinent to cycling to the ferry in Boulogne to Cross the English Channel. I will save money and time by taking the ferry instead of a Chunnel train as my cycling distance will be less. It looks like five more days of cycling in France.

Day 159, Beauvais, France, 57 miles, 15385 miles: I awoke to a rainy day in Paris and left the hotel about 7:30 AM. Father and His angels were in high gear and guided me to make the right turns at the right time. I had left over coffee, an apple, and some prunes befor leaving and had about half the brick of cheese left over from yesterday's in room dinner. At one point I pulled into a gas station to take a breather and get my bearings. I remained outside but soon the proprietor came to the door and motioned me inside and poured me a cup of coffee which was a surprise as this is often not available. He reused to take payment and enjoyed the attention I gave his dog. I had thought I would stop soon for a cup of coffee and here a free one was provided. Thank you, Father, for this blessed angel in the flesh.

Day 160, Abbeville, France, 60 miles, 15445 total miles: As I rode through town I recalled I needed bicycle accessories and perhaps I could find a bicycle shop open. At the instant of the thought I looked to my left and there was a store which supplied my needs. Thank you, Father.

Day 161, Boulogne, France, 50 miles, 15495 total miles: The strike was against the proposed end of the Boulogne-Folkstone ferry on October 1, 2000. I decided to return two miles to where I had passed a MacDonalds and an economy chain hotel as I had cycled enough for the day. If in the morning the strike is not finished I still have the options of a train through the Chunnel or a ferry from Calais. The Etap Hotel was very nice with my only inconvenience being no phone. After my automatic teller check-in at 1:30 PM I enjoyed a shower followed by a meal at MacDonalds followed by coffee and shopping for staples at a nearby mall. While at MacDonalds I was able to de=iscern the family seated next to me were from the UK and I struck up conversation with them as I rose from my table. They had come across on the ferry and heard that it would resume tomorrow. We had great conversation as I handed them a freedom card and was asked if I was now writing another book. I affirmed and related that they would indeed be in it which delighted them.

Day 162, Ashford, England, 40 miles, 15535 total miles: Finally a ganleman arrived , raised the gate, confirmed the Sea Cat was going to run (thank you, Father), and directed where I should go to check in. While waiting I me two cyclists, Allen and Bob, who were returning to England after visiting battle fields in France. The journey took little more than an hour and I spent most of it in conversation with them. On arrival at Folkstone, I switched my bike mirror to the right side of my aero bar as I would now be riding on the left side of the road.

Day 163, Thriftwood Campground, Stansstead, England, 35 miles, 15570 miles: Refreshed I arrived at the restaurant at about 6 PM and the same gentleman served me. When I handed him a freedom card I knew this meeting had been ordained as he had immediate application for his personal situation. We in fact had lengthy discussion and I told him he would find his answers in the book but he insisted on picking the author's brain. When, after an excellent meal of roast chicken, I returned to the campground it was getting dark and I turned in to a long restless night without any padding beneath my sleeping bag. Thank you, Father, for the challenges of this day and also the opportunity for service to one of your precious flock in need.

Day 164, London, England, 28 miles, 15598 total miles: While at the restaurant some gentlemen made comments about my Bike Florida vest nand four cards were distributed as well as some help with directions obtained. As I went on my way, I continued to ask for directions and soon found myself back on A20 but it seemed the worst of the traffic was over. When on occasion it would continue to pile up, I would simply get on a sidewalk and go around the congestion. As i got closer in to London I did find it helpful that bus lanes allowed bicycle traffic.

Day 165 (rest day), London, 0 miles, 15598 total miles: Once I got the hang of the system, the bus routine worked pretty well and I had a great time. I was actually walking across Westminster Bridge toward Big Ben at 10 AM (unplanned) and he chimed a wonderful welcome. To me St. Margaret's Church, next to Westminster Abbey, was more impressive though smaller. It was built in 1523 with foundation (which could be walked on) dating to the tenth century. I received this information from a gentleman meticulously polishing a large brass eass eagle within the church. I believe the eagle to be one of God's examples in nature of freedom won through challenge and was a spiritual reference to my mother's new freedom immediately after her passing in December.

Day 166, Milton Keynes, England, 62 miles, 15660 miles: I was faced with the question of whether to wait for my planned mid-morning departure asfter rush hour traffic or leave before daybreak and before the traffic. Yesterday, while waiting in line at the information center, I had met an interesting lady in her seventies who dialogued with me about my journey and advised me to depart London early. I decided to put the issue in Father's hands with a short prayer. Immediately following, I looked out my window to the street below. It was about 4:30 AM. As I looked I saw a bicycler streaking along my initial departure route, light flashing on the rear of his bike. I took this as Father's affirmative answer that I should leave early and departed at 5:30 in the dark, lights flashing. This was a good decision as the street layout I found confusing but due to the lack of traffic I was able to manuever without the danger of a later hour.

Day 167, Hinckley, England, 48 miles, 15708 total miles: I spotted a dead fox along the road and was hit with an inspiration that its life force or spirit, if you wish, didn't die with the body but rather departed the body to become part of the energy of the universe. A couple years ago, I met a woman veternarian on an organized bicycle ride, a former Christian, who adamantly believed in animal spirits having attended the death of so many. She testified to feeling a force leave the body of the animal. I do not believe animals have souls in the same sense as humans; but, just as Jesus in the Padgett Messages defines human spirit as the active energy of the soul, the real person within the body, perhaps there is an energy or life force with animals that becomes one with the cosmos when departing the animal body not retaining individuality as does the human soul when it goes on to the spirit world but living on as a part of the living universe created by God.

Day 168, Hinckley, England, 0 miles, 15708 total miles: Catching a weather forecast of twelve hours of rain and hazardous roads for today, I decided to stay put and requested another day for the same rate from my host. Steve readily agreed and served up a big plate of bacon and eggs and potatoes rolls for my included-to-order breakfast.

Day 169, Uttoxeter, England, 54 miles, 15762 total miles: Steve, my host at the King's Hotel, put a special touch on my breakfast this morning with a large baked potato garnished with mushrooms. He had requested I eat at 8 AM instead of 7. He had been so gracious to me I readily agreed, also this being Saturday. Afterward we again chatted for a while and related a story to me of what he interpreted as a customer's dishonesty and sought my opinion. I offered that I don't believe many people are intentionally dishonest but more inconsiderate as our society are so wrapped up in self instead of service and love freely given to others as he so wonderfully portrayed. As I exited his hotel he took a snapshot and gave me his email address to receive the Freedom Letter.

Day 170, Warrington, England, 54 miles, 15816 total miles: I departed from Ivy's at 9 AM after a great breakfast on a cloudy but dry day. There had been drizzle earlier but had ended before my start. My morning coffe break was in a bus station as I was told that would be the only cafe open on this Sunday morning. There I met two gentlemen separately who we both interested in my journey. Both had been cyclists in the past and one a century (one hundred miles) rider. Outside I was approached by panhandlers and gave more than what was asked which stimulated being asked for even more. I produced a freedom card and they soon lost interest and departed.

Day 171, Lancaster, England, 58 miles, 15874 total miles: Entering a gas station store I was blessed by a gentleman with a wonderful smile who inquired about my journey. Every time this happens of course there is an opportunity for Father's work in the distribution of a freedom card and I recive a spiritual lift. I have determined this occurrs because love as well as the card is exchanged. Love is given in that the intention of the giving of the card is to make truth accessible to the recipient. The card is accepted with a smile a smile and thus love is returned. Both the giver and reciver have been blessed. So it always is with the sharing of love as in the highest form with the divine love essence of God. In seeking oneness with Him we are seeking His love wich will never be refused if the seeking is sincere. God blesses us through the imbuing of His essence in to our souls through His holy spirit. Love flows both ways and both man and God are blessed.

Day 172, Shap, England, 40 miles, 15914 total miles: Somehow I missed a turn in Kendal and a few miles later at a roundabout discovered my error. I looked around for assistance and stopped at a hotel restaurant and asked how I might regain A6 without returning to Kendal. I was escourted by a young man to a large wall map of the area and determined if I headed east through the hamlet of Burnside on back roads I could achieve my objective. I arrived at an intersection in Burnside and no directions were posted so I asked a gentleman walking along the sidewalk and he willingly assisted and was delighted to receive a freedom card. He also informed me he had recently returned from Phoenix, AZ. Somehow I knew that his receiving the card was no accident meaning the same for my missed turn.

Day 173, Annan, Dumfries, Scotland (birthplace of Thomas Terrell Lomas in 1874), 55 miles, 15969 total miles: As I crossed the Scottish border at 1 PM I loudly and emotionally rejoiced rejoiced as I had a sense of coming home to the land of my forefathers. Upon entering the information center I soon realized it was no accident that I was unable to find the center in Carlisle as the lady here was most helpful and friendly and interested in my mission and the role Annan might play. She even escorted me outside to make sure I started off in the right direction as he office was located at a crossroads. It was about 3:30 PM when I arrived at The Old Rectory Guest House in Annan and met John and Jim, my hosts for at least two nights stay. When my reservation was made fro the tourist center I had agreed to a room with access to a bathroom and limited access to telphone to go online for email purposes. On arrival I was greeted with coffee and snacks, my room was upgraded to double bed with en suite bath at no additional cost, and I soon discovered my access to online communications was from my room. Forgive the reference but this whole scenario reeked of God's favor.

Day 174 rest day), Annan, Dumfries, Scotland (birthplace of Thomas Tyrrell Lomas in 1874), 0 miles, 15969 total miles: I was served a sumpuous breakfast by mu hosts and John told me he would walk me to Claire's shop and introduce us. Before the visit, in prayer I surrendered to Father and asked for His guidance and words. We entered her book shop at a little after 10 AM and were warmly welcomed and I was escorted to a sitting room as John immediately left. Well, Claire and I had a friendly, motivated conversation for about an hour and a half. She agreed it was obvious that God had orchestrated our meeting and I soon sensed and expressed His purpose was motivated more by His great love for her than benefit for Freedom Ministries. Of course, as long as I obey God's direction the ministry and I are benefitted. That's just the way He works, the way of His awesome love.

Day 175 (rest day), Annan, Dumfries, Scotland (birthplace of Thomas Tyrrell Lomas in 1874), 5 miles, 15974 total miles: After my extended breakfast and work on my computer, I struck out on White Lightnin' for the local library where I found a wealth of ancestoral information going back to my great, great grandfather who was listed in the 1851 census as "master of a coasting vessel." My information from my nephew had listed my great grandfather as a seaman meaning he had followed in his father's footsteps. They were both named Robert. I also found in burial records reference to another Robert Lomas who died in 1824 who was possibly my great, great, great grandfather. There were also family connections to the surname Bell, a Bell coat of arms, and a connection to a William Bell Taylor. My close friend and ministry board member Bill Taylor may find interest there.

Day 176, Dalry, Dumfries, Scotland, 50 miles, 16024 total miles: I found a hotel in the center of Dalry and a gentleman was sitting on a bench outside. As I approached he asked a question which resulted in a freedom card given and pleasant conversation. I asked if this was a good hotel and he responded it was but would not open for another hour however there was another around the corner now open. I thanked him and took a basic room with a sink and bed in the Lochinvar Hotel, had a tub bath, and set off to find this Lomas. I stopped in a nearby shop where the lady proprietor kindly found my information in a phone book and wrote it down for me. Since the house was not much further to walk than the phone booth, I decided to pop in.

Day 177, Stranraer, Scotland, 48 miles, 16072 total miles: My route today took me through the Galloway Forest Park on the Queen's Way where I witnessed beautiful rolling countryside with forests and high streams. My first break was at a cafe in Newton Stewart about 15 miles out where quite a dialogue was developed with the proprietor. I then encountered steady rain and decided to stop for lunch in Glenluce about tem miles short of my destination where I enjoyed the olympics on TV while I ate and witnessed a British celebration of their athelete who won the pentathalon gold medal.

Day 178, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 10 bicycle miles, 60 sea miles, 16152 total miles: We docked before noon and I had arrived at my last scheduled city of my itinerary before returning home to Florida. But this does not mean and end to my cycling or touring. As when in San Diego I have a sense that I will learn here about my return trip to the USA and those specifics will assist in Father's guidance of what I am to to from now, September 25, to October 19.

Day 179, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 6 bicycle miles, 16158 total miles: After breakfast I made certain to be at the travel office on the corner at 9 AM. As I approached the young woman behind the counter, I asked if their computer network was up today. They had not yet checked as I was their first customer but a comment was made it had been down since Saturday and it was now Tuesday. With a smile I confidently remarked that it would be up today as this was the day I was to discover my way home to Florida. The network was up! My server busily started working her keyboard in search of a one way flight to Orlando on the 21st of October late or early the 22nd. She reported everything out of both Dublin and Belfast had been booked for months as it was a holiday weekend. I replied that I had been on a 16,000 mile journey for God and He wasn't going to leave me stranded here. She returned to her keyboard and after some time without success I told her I could give her another date and flight to check thinking of my friends' return on the 24th from Dublin after a couple days sightseeing. As I spoke, looking at her screen, she replied, "I have a flight with US Air on the 22nd;" and I knew God had come through again.

Day 180, Armagh (ecclesiastical capital of Ireland, Northern Ireland, 48 miles, 16206 total miles: My first break was at a small service station store. When I asked for coffee, the manager responded he didn't sell it but would fix me a cup. Thus my first angel in the flesh of the day. At 11:30 AM I was looking for a sheltered place for a second break and I saw from a distance the familiar Golden Arches. I was a little early for my lunch break but decided this was Fther's provision and He knows best. Indeed, the meal seemed to vanish instantly. Also a maxim for cycling is to not wait for hunger or thirst to fuel or hydrate. I was reenergized but then the wind intensified and the rain came heavier and I prayed. I didn't seek a lessening of my challenging circumstances but rather I sought Fathers strength to better cope. Immediately after my prayer I experienced a visual brightening and it seemed my challenges not as great. I marvelled at the instant response as God's presence with me seems to increase every day.

Day 181 (Sabatical Day 1), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16206 total miles: After breakfast I decided to roam the town by foot on this beautiful, clear morning. Only blocks away I came upon one of the area's attractions the Roman Catholic Cathedral set high on a hill with tall spires. The facade was impressive with statues of eleven apostles above the entry door and to me imposed the message of authority. The ineterior was equally impressive and I said, "Quite an ediface to you glory, Father." I immediately heard, "You are an ediface to my glory." I immediately felt both humbled and loved. I sat in a pew and entered communion (contemplative prayer) with God.

Day 182 (Sabatical Day 2), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 8 miles, 16214 total miles: I had spotted a bicycle trail yesterday and decided to explore and soon found myself at the Church of Ireland Cathedral. I entered, explored, and communed with Father God. Some might ask, if I challenge the myths and manipulations of man in organized religions, why would I pray in their churches? I pray anywhere and everywhere and I respect that cathedrals and churches as prison chapels are places set aside for the worship of God, that there is the sincere intent that they be houses of God. They do not motivate a closeness within me as profound as the cathedrals He Himself has created in nature, such as in the desert or at sea where the height of the ceiling is without limit and the chandeliers of celestial bodies without comparison in man's creation.

Day 183 (Sabatical Day 3), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 7 miles, 16221 total miles: The weather was beautiful this entire day with the sky mostly clear so after lunch I decided to head out into the countryside with White Lightnin.' After only a few miles we found Navan Forte, a pagan center from before the time of Jesus. I toured the exhibit and again learned the history of the area rich in myth and folklore but more impressive to me was this great earthern mound where an ancient structure of worship had been filled with stones, set on fire, and buried by its people. I climbed to the top of the mound where a beautiful view of farms and grazing pastures, hamlets, and even the church steeples of Armagh could be seen with a 360 degree view of the countryside. It was thought this high ground had been chosen for dwelling and worship as it afforded the view where the Celtic inhabitants could see their enemies approaching for a distance. While on the mound first I sttod in prayer, then sat, then lay on my back, all the time in prayer. When I opened my eyes facing the sun in a clear sky I knew I was to be blessed and I looked without fear directly into the flaming brilliance.

Day 184 (Sabatical Day 4), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16221 total miles: And study on my computer of Mount Carmel by St. John of the Cross. I had attempted this study in the past in a secton referring to the Dark night of the soul and had lost interest. Today I scrolled about half way through this long text and let Father guide when I would stop which was in a section about rebirth of the soul. Here I found many similarities between this John and Jesus in the Padgett Messages. St. John lived at the time of St. Teresa of Avila and was known as a great mystic and plead total loyalty to "Holy Mother Church." If the church had paid closer attention to what he wrote about the rebirth and transformation of the soul through the love from God and emphasized this over the washing of sins through blood sacrifice, perhaps we would have a better world today. Certainly from my observation the latter focus has done nothing to transform our planet from its focus on violence to peace.

Day 185 (Sabatical Day 5), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 15 miles, 16236 total miles: This morning after breakfast I was joined by Lyman, the retired chaplain, in the sitting room and we had a pleasant sharing. He too has had experience in working in the area of addictions. I have now also confirmed that Mrs. McRoberts is a counselor. So in just the few days here in Armagh God has caused me to touch the lives of three of his workers with the lost. The Third, Norman, Met me here at the B&B at 10 AM and we drove in his car the the castle being used as a recovery house for alcahol and drug addicts. I was introduced to many of the staff some recovered addicts or the spouses of recovered addicts and was able to give a brief summary of my testimony to a few. As a result I was invited to return a week from Thursday to speak before a group.

Day 186 (Sabatical Day 6), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 2 miles, 16238 total miles: I studied more of St. John of the Cross and today found him painting an almost impossible to achieve union with God by placing so many demands for the attainment of perfection on the soul. Jesus in Padgett makes it so simple. No matter the condition of the soul if it reaches for unity with God with sincere longing and desire God will respond. John's God is one of conditional acceptance whereas the latter is a God of unconditional acceptance exerting care to not interfere with the free will of man. I find the latter much more compatable with the God Jesus described in the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

Day 187 (Sabatical Day 7), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 27 miles, 16265 total miles: I arrived back at my B&B about 12:30 PM three and a half hours after departing. Some study and meditation in the afternoon and about 5 PM I found Conrad in the kitchen cooking. He made it impossible for me to refuse joining him in a wonderful meal he prepared for us both. He is from Shri Lanka and is here working on an art degree which he will complete in three years. We had great fellowship and I discovered that he is born again through prayer and meditation in the Divine Love of God evidenced by the transformation he gave witness to. The wonderful part of this discovery to me is that he mentioned nothing about being part of any organized religion though we did discuss Buddaism being the dominate religion of his native home.

Day 188 (Sabatical Day 8), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 8 miles, 16273 total miles: As I approached the mound covering the ancient place of worship I conversed with Father about how His children have for so long been reaching to Him trying to understand Him and indeed how we have grown in knowledge and understanding since the ancient pagan religions yet I marveled at their hunger and thirst to relate to the All-Powerful. Jesus was the greatest contributor when He came two thousand years ago and gave us the knowledge that appealed to humankind all over the earth, even here so far from where he trod and taught. He gave us a clearer perspective that there is only one God who is love and he lived his message of living in love and thus living in God. What a travesty that man polluted the beautiful message of Jesus and had to apply the superstitions of their past erroneous faiths to his message of truth to the extent today few, even calling themselves Christian, pay any attention to his words. They give lip service only but their lives reflect a message of violence and anger and selfishness and judgmentalism and condemnation, all false aspects they assigned to the God of Love Jesus revealed in truth.

Day 189 (Sabatical Day 9), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16273 total miles: I continued along into the towne center and a man across the street waived and shouted to me and I approached him. He was admiring my hat and then started an inebriated oration about religion and "pigs." I tried to reason with the man that we're all God's children and that Jesus was against violence and gave him a freedom card urging that he read the book. But he had eyes that could not see and ears that could not hear they were so filled with hate. I can only pray that God touches his heart and opens his eyes as He did mine. I believe we are seeing what Jesus talked about in the Padgett Messages when he said that man was created perfect but digressed almost to the animal level of operating on instincts alone. Today we see this happening all over the world as those filled with pride and hate instead of the humility and love Jesus taught no longer care what he taught yet many continue to call themselves Christian.

Day 190 (Sabatical Day 10), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16273 total miles: My study of the writings of Nicholas Cusa continued and though complicated I am enjoying it. I found more parallels with Jesus in Padgett in a short disertation about the perfect spititual senses that do not degrade as the organs of the body deteriorate. Also, though he believed in the trinity, He did not see Jesus the equal of the Father and saw Jesus receiving his divinity from the Father.

Day 191 (Sabatical Day 11), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 22 miles, 16295 total miles: In my study of Cusa I found "God is hidden except as God reveals Godself." I believe this to be true and to be a part of His honoring our free will. I also believe the more we seek Him the more He will reveal Himself to us. This relates to Jesus in the Bible teaching "seek and you will find." He also taught "look within yourself for the kingdom of heaven." As we are reborn and continue to receive the divine love of God within our souls we are transformed by the love and grow closer to God and experience heaven.

Day 192 (Sabatical Day 12), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16295 total miles: A day of rain and no cycling. I studied the Padgett Messages in the morning. Every time I read them I am filled with a sense of peace and love and discovery and confirmation from my Internal Bible that this is the truth. Also I received an email from a prison minister brother who has become a strong proponent of the messages and testifies to the positive changes in his life resulting. In my answer to him I assurred him that god had indeed responded to his prayed and imbued His divine love in his soul through the Holy Spirit. I assured him that by seeking oneness with God and not attainment of His heavenly abode he was assured of the latter and indeed should rejoice and offer thanksgiving. This is proper as God rejoices over our seeking him.

Day 193 (Sabatical Day 13), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 15 miles, 16310 total miles: "God desires to be apprehended by those who seek Him." This from my study of the writings of Nicholas Cusa this morning. This parallels the Padgett Messages where Jesus teaches that God is so benevolent that even if our words aren't exactly correct, He reads the desires of our hearts and responds by sending His divine love through His holy spirit.

Day 194 (Sabatical Day 14), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 8 miles, 16318 total miles: Only a few miles out of town I started feeling rain drops and turned around immediately to try to beat the rain back to Armagh. With still only occasional drops I was about to head again out of town but in the opposite direction when I saw a brown attraction sign about a palace and decided to investigate. The palace was an office building but my route deviation was not without purpose as I came upon a gate guard who was raising and lowering his gate for traffic going and coming. As I approached he greeted me with a broad smile and a comment about cycling up the hill and we entered a wonderful dialogue including the teachings of Jesus and a freedom card was graciously received by my new brother.

Day 195 (Sabatical Day 15), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 16 miles, 16334 total miles:  Norman picked me up at 7:30 PM and I was surprized that our meeting was to be at a residence at a nearby town instead of the recovery house. The living room filled as we sang hymns, then offered prayer, then it was my turn to share as the guest speaker. I gave my testimony of addiction and healing and talked about 40 Days to Freedom and God's healing of all types of addiction through this miraculous book of His inspiration. I also shared that He had brought me 16,000 miles to attend their meeting and His wonderful orchestration I had experienced in Belfast two weeks ago. Afterward several people requested freedom cards and Norman and I left our hosts at 11 PM. Thank you, Father, for all the blessed souls encountered and ministered to this evening and thank you for helping me to surrender to your will and your love.

Day 196 (Sabatical Day 16), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16334 total miles:  This was a day of rest, study, prayer, and meditation. I did no bicycling and walked into town only to obtain groceries and return. I have a sense my purpose for coming to Armagh has been fulfilled and I may reuturn to Belfast a day or two early if good weather permits. Thank you, Father, for this sabbatical and all your guidance and orchestration throughout FJ2K.

Day 197 (Sabatical Day 17), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 19 miles, 16353 total miles:  Midway on the ride I entered the small town of Benburb and, as I saw a small store, I remebered a few days ago a similar occurrence when I stopped for the purpose of distributing a freedom card. I knew I was free to make the decision here without God's judging me if I just rode by but I didn't. I met a very interested and appreciative young lady behind the counter. I left our pleasant conversation when customers entered praising God as I mounted White Lightnin.'

Day 198 (Sabatical Day 18), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 0 miles, 16353 total miles:  The violence evident here in Northern Ireland and in the Middle East as I write this journal is evidence that humankind has to a great extent lost the truth and the intent of Jesus. He came to give us the truth and he died for giving and living and holding to that truth that love is the way the truth and the life. Man has buried this simple message and turned his focus to a horible violent death paying the ransom to and angry, unforgiving god for the sins of humankind. This myth was carried forward from pagan cults to Judaism to Christianity and is the total erroneous creation of man not God. It is a contradiction of the great truth Jesus taught with the Parible of the Prodigal Son that there is no unforgiveness in our All-Loving Father no matter how far we stray. As with the wayward son we may have to repent and suffer much and long on our way back to God but we will always find Him eagerly awaiting our return with open arms not arms of judgment.

Day 199 (Sabatical Day 19), Armagh, Northern Ireland, 2 miles, 16355 total miles: As I woke to rain, I anticipated this would not be my travel day from Armagh to Belfast. On the Internet the forecast for today and tomorrow was scattered showers and rain on Wednesday, the registration day for the seminar. I therefore determined that tomorrow, Tuesday, would be my travel day. The forecast on television later in the day was for a dry morning to be followed by rain so I decided an early start would probably be wise. On my second phone call to B&B's in Belfast I was able to reserve lodging for only eighteen pounds including online access and just a ten minute walk from the seminar site. Thank you, Father.




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The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict is published and available, both print and download formats, through our co-publisher, 1stBooks Library. http://www.1stbooks.com/cgi-bin/1st?partner~1st|type~3|Data1~3179 is the link-address for ordering through the Internet. Print copies are available at bookstores either through POD (print-on-demand) machines or by order from Ingram's Distributors or by calling 1-800-839-8640.

Spiritual and personal freedom is again the theme as is true with all the publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc. In addition, The Man in the Desert includes my personal and spiritual autobiography which was not included in our first book. As since disclosed to me, this was God’s plan that I experience nine years of His tutelage of my soul, after its rebirth through His Holy Spirit, before sharing my full autobiography in print.

Some will judge this book as radical since man-created myths within Christian denominations are disclosed and criticized for hiding the true message and purpose of Jesus.  Both Biblical and other sources such as the Shroud of Turin and the Padgett Messages of early in the twentieth century are referenced in the disclosures.  Also, direct revelations from God such as the Internal Bible given each soul at its creation are presented.

I am thankful to the Father for making this new work available to His children, which we all on this earth are, before the new millennium in 2001. Its powerful message has the potential to do much to bring sanity and hope and freedom from all fears to our beleaguered, materialistic world. My cup truly overflows and my prayer is that overflow will bless you through The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict.                




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