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(Following is a summary.  Tom's complete biography to age 60 is included in his second published book, The Man in the Desert.)

     By age fifty, Tom Lomas had been imprisoned by a powerful addiction for almost forty years of his life. By outward appearances, he was successful in his family life and career and as a community leader while living a Jekyll-Hyde existence of quiet desperation. In 1967, his personal demon was exposed causing the loss of a brilliant career as a flying officer in the Air Force.

     In 1984, his marriage of twenty-three years ended and Tom attempted suicide.  Though serious, it had been a foolish, spur-of-the-moment reaction which failed.  By 1990, he had accepted that his addiction was incurable and was carefully planning a second suicide attempt when, late one evening, he made a final, desperate plea to his Creator to free him from his imprisonment.

    Tom was told to "follow the example of Jesus’ forty days in the desert" (Luke 4:1-13). Receiving a new meaning to the familiar scripture, he had no questions and immediately knew everything he should do. During the forty day walk in the desert of his soul, Tom was freed from his compulsion.

     Soon after his healing, Tom was persuaded by his Liberator to write 40 Days to Freedom about the healing procedure so others, all over the world, could be freed from all sorts of addictions, harmful obsessions, and depression.  In 1994, he organized Freedom Ministries as publisher, distributor, and a conduit for prison ministry.  40 Days to Freedom has been distributed to people in all states and territories of the U.S.A. plus twenty-five other countries throughout the world.  

      In 1999, Tom was inspired to write The Man in the Desert, his full autobiography to age 60 including the ten years of spiritual growth after his healing.  From April to October of 2000, Tom journeyed across America and Europe by bicycle publicizing his new book at the grass-roots level.  See Freedom Journey 2000 to share his adventures and spiritual growth from that experience.

Tom Lomas is available for speaking engagements where he shares his experience with his forty year addiction, total healing, spiritual rebirth, and writing of 40 Days To Freedom and The Man in the Desert.  His powerful testimony reveals how to tap into the the Greatest Power in the universe to overcome impossible odds and realize heaven on earth. To arrange a presentation contact Freedom Ministries, Inc.

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