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40 Days To Freedom, by Tom LomasWe live in our minds. This is where we experience joy or sadness, heaven on earth or hell, slavery or freedom. If our minds are not free, then no matter what or where our circumstances, we are imprisoned. But if our minds are truly free, regardless of our circumstances, we are free indeed.
Picture of Tom Lomas is HERE. Tom Lomas was possessed by a powerful addiction. It was defined by psychiatry as a "classic neurosis" and a "masterful instinct."  He lived with this condition all of his adult life until age 50.  Realizing his condition was incurable by human means and on the brink of a second suicide attempt, in desperation and faith, he prayed to be healed.  The prayer was answered in the form of a miraculous procedure which in forty days permanently and irrevocably lifted the addiction.  He was then persuaded, by his Healer, to write (the writing of 40 Days to Freedom) about the procedure so the healing could be passed to others who want to gain greater control of their own minds and actions.
40 Days To Freedom is a practical application workbook for freeing individuals from addictions, harmful obsessions, and depression.  In addition spiritual rebirth or renewal is realized by many.  No religious background is necessary to experience its healing.  An approach with an open mind, an open heart, and a true desire to be free is sufficient.

We make print copies available for a donation of $6.50 each ($8 Canada) plus shipping and handling charges ($2 USA, $3 Canada).  This represents a discount from the normal retail price of $9.95.  Download is free (see below).  For multiple book orders please email us for a quote.  Please include a short description of your ministry.  For ordering and payment (credit card or check) please click on our order logo below; or you may mail a check or money order to Freedom Ministries (address below).  Money-back guaranty if returned undamaged within 30 days of delivery.  If you have any questions, email us below.  May God bless you on your forty day journey and that of all those you help.

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40 Days to Freedom may be downloaded without charge or cost. If you wish to help us fund a fourth printing of our miracle book, an additional donation may be sent through the ordering channel above or mailed directly to Freedom Ministries, PO box 150206, Altamonte Springs, Fl 32715.   You will be blessed for helping us to "set the captives free."

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