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The Writing of 40 Days to Freedom

by Tom Lomas

About a month after my addiction was lifted and I was given the eyes of Jesus, a persistent message that I should write a book about my liberation process started. I thought this was probably my ego since about twenty years before I had aspired to become an author when I had experienced a spiritual awakening. On two or three occasions I had written a couple of paragraphs or at most a page and the flow stopped and I lost interest. So I realized I could never be an author. It just wasn't one of my gifts. I am reminded of when Moses argued with God that he simply didn't have the gifts necessary to carry out God's assignment.

The message persisted, on and off, for about two weeks. Finally, early one morning in my condo, alone except for my pet cat, I heard four words spoken with such force I was initially frightened. But, as soon as I realized their content, I immediately knew their origin and their meaning. The words were "THIS IS THE REASON." God was telling me everything I had experienced in my life, the good and the bad, was for the purpose of producing and distributing a book containing the procedure He had given to free me from my forty year addiction to sexual lust. He later revealed this was the reason I was given a procedure to heal myself by accessing His strength instead of an instant, miraculous healing which would be irrelevant to the healing of others. This book would become His instrument for healing addictions in the world.

I thought of the four words as God getting my attention with a verbal two by four though there was nothing violent or overbearing about it. Over and over again, He has shown me He is not a God of manipulation but a God of persuasion. While He refuses to force us to do His will, He can be very persistent. Indeed a new friend recently confessed to me that God has been after him for five years to write a book about his life story. My response to the four words was, "Okay, Lord, I get the message."

I started rising an hour earlier which meant 4:00 A.M. Each morning God would plant a simple thought which would keep me busy four-finger typing for an hour. One to two pages of text would be produced. God's Spirit was present throughout every session and most intense when I would read what had been composed over the past hour as I marveled at these words coming from me. I have come to realize the writing of 40 Days to Freedom was a partnership. The inspiration was from God; but He also drew on my background and life experience. Indeed that was the message in the four words.

God also used the persuasion of another person in the writing of 40 Days to Freedom. After six months of daily writing, I had twenty-eight computer files which, again with the help of my partner, I organized into eight chapters. This would have produced a book of one hundred five pages; and, as over the next year I tried to find a publisher, I was told repeatedly it was too short to be a book. During this period, God led me into prison ministry with a powerful testimony of overcoming a forty year incurable addiction using the strength of God as modeled by Jesus Christ. After reading the manuscript, a blessed brother prison minister suggested I add daily sections to the book. I surrendered this to my senior partner who guided me to Psalms for daily scripture and provided inspiration for daily meditations and prayers. Thus 40 Days to Freedom became a one hundred sixty page book to become self published through Freedom Ministries, Inc.

Though, at the time of writing, I believed the forty day procedure would be effective for sexual addictions and perhaps other mental addictions, I did not believe it could cure substance addictions. Glory to God! We have seen total healing of every imaginable addiction, obsession, and habitual sin. In addition, the procedure, over and over again, has proven to also be an instrument for spiritual rebirth, salvation itself.

This website contains many testimonials of freedom from bondage and spiritual rebirth as does the quarterly Freedom Letter. We are a faith ministry which does no fundraising. Contributions to Freedom Ministries, Inc. are tax deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code and should be viewed as investing in God's work of freeing lost souls throughout the world.

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