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Testimonials Shared with Tom Lomas

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A PRISONER'S FREEDOM (letter dated 9/20/98)

I have finished 40 Days to Freedom and have already begun again. I dedicated my forty days to forgiveness. Two months ago I was full of hate, full of anger, resentment, bitterness, both for people in my past and for God Himself. Today I am completely free from all this bondage and I am full of love for God, the people in my past and those around me now. Amen!

Jesus has changed my life. By Day 9 I had forgiven the person I hated the most. I was laying on my bunk and thinking about this person when I started crying. All of a sudden I realized I not only had no more bad feelings for this person but, for the first time in my life, I loved someone even though they wouldn’t do anything for me. This person is long gone, hours away; and I’ve had nothing to do with this person for over a year and a half; but I have more unconditional love for this person now than ever before even when I was with them.

Day 21 I was filled with forgiveness for my mother who abused me mentally for years. I’ve written two letters to her after not speaking for a long time. Though I haven’t received a response (please pray for this), I have cleaned up my side of the street. I have obeyed God by honoring my mother and, by doing so, I love her very much and pray every day that God will reunite me with her one day.

Day 29 brought forgiveness for a man who had physically and mentally tortured me in a Crack house. I was held hostage for an hour in a bath tub while this man and others threatened me with a hammer and guns. All over five dollars. Jesus used another Christian, who looked just like this man, and showed me what it truly meant to show Christ-like love. I had not liked the teacher because he looked like this man; but today I not only love this teacher; but I have love for this man who harmed me. I am full of forgiveness for everyone I ever had anything against. I have peace, contentment and joy I haven’t known for 20 years. I’m like a child again. I actually trust others after 15 years of living in the drug world. All the hardness of my heart is gone.

Each of the 40 days I read the passages 3 or 4 times throughout the day and prayed constantly. I fasted once a week and on Day 39 I was baptised in the Holy Spirit. I was in praise and worship when the Holy Spirit completely took over every inch of my being. My face and hands went numb; the rushes of joy and peace were coming wave after wave until I thought I would pass out. Tears rolled down my face and I was laughing like a little child again whose father was tickling them and playing with them. For two hours I was in a state of awe, unable to speak, only smile, laugh and cry. I felt so clean inside; I had been washed thoroughly by the Holy Spirit.

I was saved 10 years ago so I would tell all Christians and readers of your book to pray without ceasing. God will be found by you if you honestly seek Him. I have personally taken up your ministry here in the Christian Dorm in Orange County and I make sure every new man gets your book. I teach about your book when I’m given a chance in front of all the men. I tell them that    40 Days to Freedom is annointed by God. I tell them Jesus is working miracles through this book. I would tell every person I meet if I had the chance. I’m giving your book to men in other dorms; now I want to send one home to my Mom.

I started my forty days seeking forgiveness. I ended up learning so many different lessons I had to keep a record of the answered prayers and miracles taking place around and within me every day. I learned to forgive myself. I learned to trust God. The thing I did not expect to learn or realize turned out to be the greatest lesson of all: whenever you find forgiveness, love won’t be too far behind.

I would ask you, Sir, to pray for me. My loved ones no longer speak with me and I’ve been alone for a long time. God helps my lonliness; and, over the last year and a half of incarceration with no mail, noone to visit or to call on the phone, He has become my best friend. I just don’t know if anyone prays for me anymore. The devil likes to use this against me; but with Jesus I perservere.

I’m just about done here in Orange County; and I will be transported to Brevard next month some time to finish taking care of the last of my charges. Because of an escape charge in Brevard County, I am in with all the men who have capital offenses facing death or life in prison at the least. I would love to bring your book to them. Thank you, Sir, for sharing your miracle with the world.

     An inmate at the Orange County Jail, Orlando, Florida, wrote, "Brother Lomas, I have finished reading your book 40 Days to Freedom.  I love it. It is a book I keep and read daily with my Bible.  I never stop reading "40 Days" or living "40 Days."  Day One becomes 41 and on I go to Day 80 to eternity.

     As a born again believer who quit walking with Jesus, your book led me back, opened my ears to my lord calling me.  I've learned to love those who I couldn't or wouldn't love as myself.  I thank you and Jesus, Lord of Lords, King of Kings.  I am a prisoner set free even though I am behind bars.

     In 1995, during a monthly visit to Tomoka Correctional Institution, an inmate told Tom that he had been freed from  "an alternative sexual preference."  He said, "When I started reading your book a strange feeling came over me and I realized I was in God's presence.  I immediately knew I was being offered His healing and answered, 'Lord, if this is what you want for me, then so be it.'  By the time I finished the forty day walk and your book, this desire was gone."

     Update: In April 1997, this same inmate, not soon to be released from prison, exclaimed, "Tom, ain't it great to be free!"  

     An inmate at the Orange County Jail wrote, "I've read your book 40 Days to Freedom.  It was very inspiring to me and has changed my life.  I also have a little more than fifty days before I go to court.  I accepted my being incarcerated.  I came to know my Savior Jesus Christ.  I've converted my life and have been saved.

     One morning while I was getting ready to start my work activity, I saw your book just lying on one of our two washers.  I picked it up, looked at the heading, and put it back down.  At that instant something told me to pick it back up and read it.  Every chapter became a part of my past life.

     The more I read, the more it focused on my problems.  I finished reading it and went into prayer with God.  Mr. Lomas, I am fifty years old almost.  .......... I've taken my lusting thoughts to Jesus and asked him to help me conquer this problem.  God works in mysterious ways.  I would never have thought that I would have found my defeat (of Satan) by reading your book.  I would like to commend you on such great literature and thank you for helping me save myself from a life of pure hell."

     A woman in Michigan, who found us through the Internet, wrote, "I truly want to thank you for your book.  I also want to thank you for offering yourself to be a vessel.  I am on Day 38 the second time through.  I enjoyed the results so the first time, I turned around and started over.  I will sit down and write about the many miracles; but for now I just wanted to send my many thank-you's!"

     A man recently released from prison wrote, "I wanted to thank you for giving me a copy of your book.  It helped me find my true self, then Jesus Christ who is now my Lord and Savior.  Because of Him, I am truly free now, free of hurting, pain, and the baggage of sin I was touting around with me for so long.  I would like to thank you for sharing the good news that is in your book.  May God continue to bless you in all things you do."

        As you read the preceding and following testimonials, you may realize we do a lot of work with the incarcerated (go to list of prisons and prison ministries served).  In fact this has been a large channel of distribution of 40 Days to Freedom.

      If with faith and hope you take our forty-day walk, you will experience in addition to your healing or blessing, the "eyes of Jesus" (40 Days to Freedom, pg. 158-1). With our new eyesight we see every person as a beautiful creation of the Master Creator, and, therefore, as our brother or sister, no matter what they look like, no matter what they've done.  We see them, as we are, in need of eternal salvation, in need of finding "the way, the truth, and the life" (Jn 14:6).

     Jesus told us to love our enemy, to visit Him in prison, and to leave the flock to bring back the lost sheep.  As a supporter of Freedom Ministries, through your prayers, testimonies, and donations you will be ministering with us to the lost sheep of God's flock, men, women, and children.  You will be helping to free them from their addictions, their harmful obsessions, and their alienation from their loving Creator.  And through the gift of "the eyes of Jesus," you will help them to see that we are all God's precious children and brothers and sisters of Jesus. Many more testimonies follow.  

 ____ Tom Lomas ____

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     A woman in Kansas reported, "It seemed time stood still as I read 40 Days to Freedom.  Though I was aware of no addictions or serious problems in my life, I have definitely changed since the reading of your book.  Though a Christian, I used to hesitate to speak out for the Lord even though I wanted to.  Now, not only do I not hesitate to speak out boldly, but I feel Him giving me the words."

     The sister of this wonderful woman referred her to me after being healed of long-term depression by the process of 40 Days to Freedom.

     An inmate at Lake Correctional Institution told me he enjoyed my book and found it very uplifting.  I asked if He had done the forty-day walk; and he responded he had not since he had no addictions.  He also shared that he was about to be released from prison and was frightened that his uncontrolable anger would cause his return.  To his surprise, I identified anger as his addiction; and he immediately started his forty-day walk.  Some weeks later, after his release from prison, I received a phone call from this man at my office.  Excitedly he said, "Tom, I'm on Day 36 and I'm free from anger!"  Together we gave thanks and praise to God.

     Another inmate from Tomoka Correctional wrote, "Through your book I was able to keep focused and shown how to use the word of God against the devil and all his deceitfulness and trickery.  Day by day my faith grew as 40 Days to Freedom revealed to me how much Christ loves me and how He wants to use His word as our sword and shield.

     By the time I reached my fortieth day, smoking was long gone - out of my life completely and now I'm using this material to remove other bad habits, which I feel hinder my spiritual growth, out of my life."

     A young woman from Maitland, Florida, wrote, "After only 10 days I am full of hope and strength in the Lord.  Thank you so much for putting to paper everything God taught you.  I am more sensitive than ever to the leading of the Holy Spirit!  I am more aware of my little sins, and only through the enabling from God's spirit, am I able to nip it in the bud.  I sense God's victory in overcoming temptations every single day.  My walk with God will never be the same because of your book.....

     I will not only apply what you are teaching me, but pass it on to the next generation of believers!  High school students in our community need this kind of freedom and victory over every temptation known to man!

 Another inmate from Tomoka Correctional wrote, "I have read your book, 40 Days to Freedom, and I was facinated by your approach to the problems.  My enlightenment came the day after my mother passed away.  I was blessed to have read your book. At that time my faith and mental condition were surely tested, but through your book and the will of God, I was victorious.  Keep the faith and keep writing."

     From a prisoner in Quitman, Georgia, "My brother picked up your book in Orange County Jail and has passed it on to me; he also has been teaching God's word in this jail where we are presently being held.  The whole jail has started praising God every day now for the past 15 days.

     We need some more of these books because of the example my brother and I have presented to these brothers; they want to continue on the road of righteousness.

God ordained our ministry; and we trust Him for our support.  If you wish to make a donation to Freedom Ministries, Inc. of any amount, He will bless you for helping us to "set the captives free." Donations should be mailed to Freedom Ministries, Inc., 171 Mosswood Circle, Winter Springs, Fl 32708.  A tax receipt will be provided.

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