the FREEDOM letter

Fourth Quarter, 1997

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." (John 8:36)


We are so thankful for the birth of Jesus who came to set us free and show us the path to His Father and our Father.   This is the one time of the year when we think of Jesus as a baby or child. We marvel at the events leading to his birth; and we are in awe of this ultimate gift of love from the Creator of us all, the one whom John told us is Love.

Jesus told us whatever we do for the least of His brethren we are doing for Him. So we are presented with a great opportunity at this time of the year to give Jesus a gift. Certainly this is not the case if our giving is only to our relatives and friends. In fact some of those gifts may be more out of obligation than love. Indeed, if we do give to the unrelated unloveable, the gift must be motivated by either unselfishly helping the other or by pleasing God. Both worthy causes.

An old friend dropped by today while I’m in the middle of writing this newsletter. He reminded me that we all have a calling. And because we each have different gifts our calling is never identical to anyone else’s; it is unique to us. But there is a commonality to each calling to give of ourselves unselfishly.

With a true, unselfish act of love we also learn what joy is all about. Receiving a gift will give us temporary pleasure if it’s a gift we like. But giving unselfishly gives us lasting joy and, if done as a Christian, regardless of the actual gift, will help to bring others closer to God. In other words we’re being role models, glorifying God, emulating our Savior. That’s not all bad for us either especially if so many who are walking with God are right that we are now at the very brink of the Second Advent.

Whether we’re at the end of our world or the end of our physical lives we will be held accountable for the sharing of God’s gift to us. Has our faith been empty words as we’ve squandered what He has given us for our own gratification and pleasure and that of those close to us? Or are we truly living by Jesus’ example, His words, His actions? Are they truly our words, our actions? Can we really expect to be with God in eternal bliss when through our life’s example we’ve ignored Him while on this earth?

Jesus’ First Advent gives us a new beginning with the Infant Christ. Let’s not squander a single day as each is a gift from our Father, an opportunity to follow the example of His precious Son, an opportunity to serve the unloved.


We are again thankful to our awesome Father, to be able to announce the second printing of 40 Days to Freedom.  Through a sequence of events orchestrated by His Holy Spirit, God has again come through to provide the means to continue the distribution of His message of freedom from addictions and habitual sin.  

The new "Guide to Live the Miracle!" is now a part of the book as well as four pages of testimonials, mostly from inmates, of healing from many different addictions.  Our ordering date was Oct. 27 and we estimate delivery before Christmas.  

God revealed to us that this message will blanket the earth which means millions of copies will ultimately be distributed.  The first printing was just 5,500 copies and was unique because of several small printing errors.  Now some people might be tempted to speculate this would cause a collectors value for the first edition; but consider where the true value of 40 Days to Freedom lies.  First, it is the word of God written through a human instrument.  In fact God revealed to that instrument the very reason for His allowing the forty-year lustful addiction was for the writing and the passing on of His glorious healing procedure which had escaped all the theologians and bible scholars for all the centuries since Jesus walked this earth. Instead He chose when to reveal it and how, by responding to a prayer of desperation from a sinner whom He then used as His vessel.

Through this blessed text, God opens the door for all His children to receive His gift of freedom, the only true freedom which human beings can experience, the freedom He gave to Adam and Eve who foolishly surrendered it for all of us, freedom which we can regain through following the example of Jesus.

Any other philosophy of life we buy into leads to enslavement and misery.  We may tell ourselves we are free.  We may tell ourselves we are happy.  But all which is not of God only leads, ultimately to frustration and disappointment. All!  

So wherein lies the true value of  40 Days to Freedom?  In the message, the procedure which builds desire and faith, then, by following the example of the Savior of the world, sets souls in bondage free.


 After our last issue of the Freedom Letter, we received a money order for $10 from an inmate.  We know even a 32 cent stamp is a challenge for most inmates. This was a first and we were deeply moved.  Herein lies my greatest challenge in running this ministry.  It is not believing in the miracle.  God has allowed us to see so much fruit that our resolve in our mission is stronger than ever and ever strengthening.  We know one day the world will awaken to the miracle of             40 Days to Freedom.  Then our challenge will be filling the demand.  Now, our challenge, since the birth of this ministry has been finances.  Since most of our distribution has been and continues now, stronger than ever, into areas of financial poverty, we must rely on the Supernatural for our support.

Indeed almost two years ago after making our full-time commitment, God told me to distribute the books and He would take care of the rest. Recently, recalling that all fund-raising efforts since then have failed, He reminded me that He doesn’t change His mind. After accepting God’s decision to wean me from self-sufficiency to total dependence on Him, He told me that I had already been reborn spiritually and now I was going through another type of rebirth, one where I would be become dependent on Him for everything materially as well as spiritually. While still in awe of that communication, He added that He at least had not required that I sacrifice a son or daughter.

As soon as possible, I went into Genesis, Chapter 22 where He continued His lesson of faith and obedience. “17. I will indeed bless you and surely multiply your descendants as the stars of the heavens, as the sands on the seashore.” The descendants of Freedom Ministries are are the souls saved through the message and procedure of 40 Days to Freedom. “Your descendants shall possess the gates of their enemies.” Their enemies are Satan and his demons of addiction and habitual sin. “18. In your descendants all the nation of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” Here He again confirmed that 40 Days to Freedom will “blanket the earth,” as He revealed almost two years ago; and the freed prisoners shall themselves become instruments of freedom as we are today witnessing, both in prison and on the Internet.


An inmate at Mayo C.I., Mayo, Florida wrote, “......... how much 40 Days to Freedom has helped me. As I worked the steps, I felt a great burden lift off my shoulders and a peace settle in my heart. The chains of bondage fell off; and I am free on the inside.

After hearing your testimony and reading your book, God revealed to me in a dream how free I am. In this dream I was in handcuffs with a chain around my waist and shackles on my feet. I was saying that I must get my property from my cell; and the cuffs,chains, and shackles just slipped off without being unlocked. I awoke with such a feeling of relief and freedom that I can’t describe. There just aren’t words to put it in.”

Praise our glorious, triumphant God! This man is now God’s evangelist as he is referring others for the miracle of 40 Days to Freedom. From New Hope for Women Ministry in Pennsylvania, “I’m starting a Bible study in the heart of Philadelphia in a notorious drug dealing area. The Bible study is for the ladies of these men. I believe your book will help me to teach them more effectively.” The beauty of 40 Days to Freedom is that it focuses of the part of Holy Scripture that ministers most effectively against Satan’s chains of addiction and habitual sin. Also the procedure is not isolated to Christians or the spiritually enlightened; but is effective for any who will enter with a sincere desire for help.

From New Hope for Women Ministry in Pennsylvania, "I'm starting a Bible study in the heart of Philadelphia in a notorious drug dealing area.  The Bible study is for the ladies of these men.  I believe your book will help me to teach them more effectively."

The beauty of 40 Days to Freedom is that it focuses on the part of the Holy Scripture that ministers most effectively against Satan's chains of addiction and habitual sin.  Also the procedure is not isolated to Christians or the spiritually enlightened; but is effective for any who will enter with a sincere desire for help.

From Brooks County Jail, Quitman, Georgia, “The book 40 Days to Freedom has helped me to realize and recognize the demonic forces that dwelled in me and helped me to develop a strong foundation to fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. I’ve passed the book on to two other friends of mine along with Bible topics that are revealed to us through God to help get their spirits and minds right with God.”

After quoting Ephesians 6:10-18, he added, “P.S. Say hello to the silent partners you have there putting this ministry of yours into action. All praises and glory are due to God. You all are in our prayers; keep us in ya’lls’. In Jesus’ name shall God continue to bless us all to carry on His will. Amen.”

He requested books be sent to six individual inmates. They were.

An inmate at Polk C.I., Polk City, Florida, wrote “I can say for sure that I am one of the hopeless, desperate, and out-of-control people whom this book 40 Days to Freedom is speaking to. I have found by taking and using the power of God through His word, prayer, and His servant who, through obedience, wrote this spirit-filled book; and now, by giving God all the glory, I took this journey with the faith that I will never be lost again; nor will I hunger and thirst any more.

I first had to make a realization, brought to my attention through the Holy Spirit, of honesty. I have been shown my faults through prayer, God’s word, spiritual readings, and concerned, patient Christian brothers.

These imperfections of myself have manifested in me for so long that I wondered if I had made any progress at all. I know when I do I thank God for the small part that I can receive always pray for more with enough faith that these and all things will be added unto me. By doing this I become more tightly knitted in Christ. Without this bond I know the power of evil will take over and I know with God’s intervening hand this isn’t allowed to happen.

Many things have come about since the beginning of this forty day journey which in essence is just a short term goal compared with the lifetime of eternity we will share together. By reading this beautiful work of the Spirit, it has been a major part of my new beginning to fulfill my lifetime future entwined with Christ.”

In addition this freed soul wrote a four page detailed account of his forty day journey in the desert of his soul, and entitled it “Hard Heart, Tender Journey, My Walk in God’s Light” (link below to read or download).

From Apopka, Florida, “I have walked through 40 Days to Freedom with the Lord being my Champion. He has delivered me from cocaine addiction and sexual lust. I wouldn’t trade my relationship with Him for anything. My friend is interested in a 40 day fast to be delivered from nicotine. Please send him a copy for the benefit of God’s Kingdom.

We love the Lord and praise Him for what He does in the lives of men. Thank you for your commitment to Him; it has made a difference in my life. He’s cleaning me up to be a father to my two boys and to help hurting people.”

We praise you Lord for delivering this soul from Satan’s bondage and changing his weakness into your power. May he be your instrument of deliverance for many lost souls.

A woman inmate at Jefferson C.I., Monticello, Florida, after attending our presentation wrote, “As I went back to my dorm and got on my bunk and settled in, I started to read - oh my, the Holy Spirit was all over me; I felt tingley all over, heart pumping as if I was real excited. I had never felt that way just reading a book. I fell asleep and just as soon as I had free time the next day, I finished the first five and one half chapters and started Day 1. It was hard to stop and do just one day at a time but I disciplined my flesh and did just that.

I experienced allot of criticism from my peers and fellow Christians about reading this book; but I wouldn’t give up. I know that the Holy Spirit had me to your service and inspired me as I read along the first five and one half chapters.

On Day 14 God had started to remove the scales from my eyes and I started to see things different, especially love. I realized that there’s a difference between loving someone in your mind than with your heart. Praise God! Many nights I woke up at 2 - 4 AM and prayed and read my Bible.

During these forty days, I also wrote my family letters of inspiration and asked for forgiveness. I also wrote a poem with the Holy Spirit’s help called ‘A Second Chance.’ My whole outlook on life, love is different. I also have a peace within that ‘surpasses all understanding.’ The strength that I now feel from within is more than words could possibly say. It’s so strong - I believe today ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ Praise God!

Faith, the unseen essential is also much more prominent in my walk today. Although I’m in prison, I feel free on the inside. I know that I’m right where God wants me to be; and I’m in school, the Lord’s school.”

This freed soul has also become God’s apostle as she requested two books be mailed to friends. We would be very pleased if she would send us a copy of her poem, “A Second Chance,” that we might share it with others through the Freedom Letter and the Internet. We pray that God will keep this blessed lady wrapped in His protection all the days of her life.

From the Lake County Jail, Tavares, Florida, “Your testimony was a blessing in itself! What miracles God has done and is continuously doing in your life and through you into the lives of others. What a blessing it was for me to hear the love, honesty and compassion God has generated through you! Your testimony and your book have been a blessing to me.

Like I shared with you, I was addicted to cocaine - I would find myself daydreaming and fantasizing about cocaine use. As devastating as this drug has been to me and everyone around me - I still found myself glamourizing its use. Thanks to you and your book, I have found a method, a devine method, to fight these spiritual attacks of Satan. Praise God.”

Hallelujah! Glory to Jesus for His victory in this blessed soul and mine! Already this man has touched four other souls with this healing message. God lives and works in and through His apostles.

A man in a residential recovery program in Jensen Beach, Florida, wrote, “I have been in my desert for 20 days now and my life has already changed 100%......... I would greatly appreciate it if you could see it in your heart to send a troubled man in here with me a copy of your book.”

This brother in Christ has also become a great apostle for our Lord with individuals and is asking to do more. We pray that he will be an instrument to open the doors of churches or rehab centers to our ministering.

If any of these testimonies have moved your spirit to take action we pray you will not submit to Satan’s demon of procrastination. If God is moving you financially, let him determine the amount you send. If you listen, He will tell you. Then obey immediately. You will be incredibly blessed.

If He is moving you with a name of one in need of freedom from bondage, send us the name(s) and address(es) right away. If the name is a pastor or a chaplain or a counselor, you open the door to Freedom Ministries. Have that name call or write us. Certainly, saving one lost soul is worth more than all the world’s treasure; but, remember, Jesus doesn’t want to lose a single one of His sheep. He wants us all in Paradise with him in bliss for eternity. By touching one who touches many you become a vessel to the multitudes. But don’t wait. Time is running out. The second Advent is upon us. Recently I heard a minister speculate that hell will be filled with souls with good intentions who were just waiting until tomorrow.

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