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On the Road (FJ2K) with Tom Lomas 5/23/00





“Your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you.” (Eph 6:10)



(This part of Freedom Letter repeated from earlier issues)

The Freedom Letter, 40 Days to Freedom, and The Man in the Desert are publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation (#N94000005074). Providing insight and God-given procedure for freeing the human spirit from all that would enslave is the focus of all our publications.  Tom Lomas, the author,  was told by his Creator to "follow the example of Jesus' forty days in the desert" in answer to a desperate prayer when on the brink of a second suicide attempt.

Tom’s addiction of almost forty years was classified by psychiatry as “masterful instinct” (incurable). During the forty day walk in the desert of his soul, he was spiritually reborn and set free. God then disclosed the reason he was given a procedure, instead of an instant healing, was for Tom to write 40 Days to Freedom so souls in bondage, all over the world, would experience this same, glorious, God-given freedom and rebirth.

Since early 1995 almost 17,000 in-print copies of 40 Days to Freedom have been distributed without cost to the recipients, as a gift from their Creator Father. Our miracle book has been given freely to souls in need in 25 countries, 49 states, all US territories, including individuals, 135 prisons and jails, and 192 prison and recovery ministries.  This does not include distribution through our web site as a free download since 1996.  40 Days to Freedom has been out-of-print since early 1999; and we are hopeful of a third printing by late 2000 or early 2001 as God's provision is now in process through the publishing and distribution of our second book which is for sale both online and in print.

 In answer to a prayer for prisoners, on May 18, 1999, God gave Tom the title of this second book, The Man in the Desert.  All royalties are paid directly to our ministry for the purpose of a third printing and distribution of 40 Days to Freedom.  Also, all donations will be used for this purpose.  Thanks to the orchestration of our Father in heaven, Freedom Journey 2000 (FJ2K) has been adequately funded through the donations of primarily two people.  If you have been blessed by 40 Days to Freedom, this may be an opportunity to share your blessing with others still in bondage.   If you wish to be a part of that process, see "Contact Us." Freedom Ministries, Inc. is qualified as a 501(c)(3)charitable organization (IRS #585090062).

This issue of the Freedom Letter - On the Road will deviate from the standard format and share Tom's experiences, blessings, and inspirations while pedaling around the world on his bicycle, White Lightnin'.  This format is planned to be repeated every two to four weeks until Tom returns to Orlando from what is now his last place of visit, Belfast, Ireland where he will attend the annual conference of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  God's plan, as currently disclosed, includes bicycling from Orlando to Seattle and Italy to Ireland.





Prelude:  I will first apologize for the following texts are unedited.  My editor for what will be the finished book to grow out of this great adventure, Freedom Journey 2000, is Johanna Davies, a Freedom Ministries' Board of Directors member, who is editing for the book and not this newsletter.  Should I edit these excerpts, not only would that be redundant, but it would not allow me to include as much content which I believe our readers want as much shared as possible.  I am only able to compose newsletters on rest (from bicycling) days which are also crowded with other tasks.  Each excerpt is not necessarily the best of each day but simply the first the Lord leads me to share.  Therefore you will need to purchase the published book, Freedom Journey 2000, in 2001 to read the whole story.  Watch postings on our welcome Page for when Freedom Journey 2000 becomes available.

Typical day (NEW THIS ISSUE): I have been asked in addition to the excerpts from each day to give an outline of a typical traveling day during FJ2K.  It begins with rising at 3 AM to journal the previous day's activity and inspiration.  A useful aid is my small voice organizer clipped to the waist of my cycling shorts which allows me to take verbal notes even while bicycling.  With its playback the outstanding events of the previous day are easily remembered.  Prayer and coffee are also usual parts of my early morning time.  My motel or campground departure has averaged about 7 AM with breakfast typically after two hours of cycling.  During cycling I am often in prayer and meditation and use no radio or sound device. In this wonderful solitude I am never bored as Father is always available for conversation.  Lunch is typically a snack from my own provisions or a fast food burger  Typical check in time at a motel or campground is 3 PM followed by unpacking, shower, and a good supper to fuel for the next morning.  I will then normally catch up on correspondence by e-mail, watch a little TV, and retire around 9PM.

Day 20, Simmesport, LA, 72 miles, 1018 total miles:  A security guard was near the the exit door of the hotel and graciously held it for me as I exited with my loaded steed. I thanked him and he was happy to recieve the first card of the day. A 6:30 AM start, we returned to the same Burger King as the morning before for a light breakfast and coffee. The hostess with the light of God on her face was again there and I asked her to pray for me and again her face beamed. Soon on US 190, four lanes, we left Baton Rouge behind With Lightnin' pointed toward Glorieta (Sante Fe area), NM where we will stay for two complimentary nights. Ever since first contact with this conference facility, years ago, I have had a sense that it will play a future role with Freedom Ministries, perhaps for an annual convention someday of Freedom Messengers from around the world.

Day 21, Alexandria, La, 64 miles, 1082 tolal miles:  Then another wonderful Godcident. When I had looked at my map earlier, I had noticed what appeared to be a short cut from the main route. At breakfast I realized that I was unintentionally on that shortcut, a back road with no shoulder but light traffic and still a gorgeous morning. At the residential edge of Mansura I passed a man sitting in a lawn chair on his driveway just drinking in the beauty of the day. As I passed he yelled, "How many miles?" That's the magic trigger. When someone shows interest in what I doing, they must receive a card so I applied the brakes, did a 180, and joined him. Well, Yancey was just delighted; and to say that he is an enthusiastic Christian, would be a gross understatement. The man was literally tickled to learn of my endeavor. He ran into his house and quickly returned with a notebook of inspirations he had written and read aloud several pages. From my experience I tried to give him a little guidance on being a Christian author, that he should simply continue writing his inspirations without any thought of organizing them and when God is ready for them to become a book, He'll open the appropriate doors. I also shared the Godcident with Yancey that had I not deviated from my planned route for breakfast I wouldn't have passed his home. God had intended we meet and, I believe, that Yancey read The Man in the Desert. As I rode away from Yancey, God's miraculous ways were flooding my mind. Indeed it seemed everywhere I turned He was there, in the cool morning air on my face and the warm sun on my back, in a herd of cows where I saw a mother licking her baby calf, in the narrow country road winding though His beautiful landscape, and most of all in His blessed human children, the man at the restaurant and Yancey, such an obvious, radiating child of our Father. It was as if God was saying to me, "You gave me everything you had and in return I give you everything I have including Myself."

Day 22, Notchitoches, LA, 56 miles, 1138 total miles:  In Boyce I stopped for breakfast at Thelma's Cafe, from my observance one of only two enterprises open in this small town on Holy Saturday. I was thankful as I had almost accepted my breakfast might be peanuts and raisins. I ordered a more modest breakfast than the day before and the food was excellent with biscuits to die for and hash browns that were the best yet, not all stuck together like from most places. I bargained with Thelma that she would have to read The Man in the Desert as I intended to give her place a good write-up in my third book and people thus visiting her would expect her to be familiar with my work. A very mild-mannered lady, she laughed. By the way, I've been inspired to change the reference to our handout card to "freedom card" as it provides a gateway to our ministry and other publications as well as The Man in the Desert which cover is miniaturized on the front of the card. Some people have had me autograph the card which has elicited a promise to read.

Day 23, Shreveport, LA, 83 miles, 1221 total miles:  I walked led by His Spirit into a large grassy open area which suddenly dropped off. I was on a hilltop where I could view motels, restaurants, stores, and a highway interchange. It was as if I was viewing the world; and I was reminded of Jesus in the desert in his temptation and how like Jesus I had rejected the ownership of things in the world and as last night I entered my contemplation with prayers of thanksgiving to the Father and to Jesus for bringing us the way, the truth, and the life and for the demonstration and tangible evidence of his immortality. That evidence that the Father has so graciously granted that I visit and view in Turin, Italy. Then the gentle carressing breeze of the night before was suddenly there again and as my prayer would intensify so would the breeze. I remained there deep in prayer with the Father's presence so powerful it was as if I could feel His Divine Love pouring into my soul.

Day 24, Texarkana, AR, 77 miles, 1298 total miles:  Many cards were distributed this day as at each stop I found friendly people interested in my quest. At one point I thought I would physically not be able to make Texarkana this day but then immediately prayed, "With you, Father, anything is possible." The wind seemed to decline and my average speed increased and at 5 PM I arrived at the Knight's Inn in Texarkana. An immediate shower was followed by an hour long nap. As I settled between the sheets I thought how awesome is this God who can cause this 60 year old body to perform so well. Writing this the next morning I am thankful for the 160 miles traveled in the last two days and all of God's miracles I have witnessed.

Day 25, Clarksville, Tx, 68 miles, 1366 total miles:  In Avery, I was feeling the need for a pick-me-up and purchased a small cup of ice cream at a store. Departing the store I was hit with this wonderful smell, looked to my right and saw a barn with over the door, "Brenda's Burger Barn" inscribed. I lloked at my watch and it was approaching 2 PM to my surprise. I had not had a meal since 9 AM and decided this great aroma had to be investigated. Not wanting a big meal, I ordered just a burger and water. As I waited for 15 minutes, I grew impatient. Too used to fast food burgers I guess. But when the waitress put the plate before me I knew I had something worth waiting for. It was huge and the meat was slightly charred to perfection and well done. If I had ordered fries, I would not have been able to eat them. I have never before experienced such a feast of a burger. As I paid Brenda, I said, "your burger is going to be published." Was she delighted and she refused to take my money. A wonderful stop which, of course, included freedom card distribution. I would not need another full meal this day.

Day 26, Clarksville, TX, 3 miles, 1369 total miles:  A restful night in our best room for under $30 yet and feeling blessed to be able to stay another day as this is my rest day off the bike but not free from activity. As I approach a rest day, it seems I have a tendency to let my laundry accumulate instead of washing at least my cycling togs daily. just one mile from the motel to a laundramat, a grocery store and breakfast all clustered together.

Day 27 (grounded by weather), Clarksville, TX, 4 miles, 1373 total miles:  In meditation this morning this came to me: we injure people when we throw things at them. Two days ago a bottle was thrown at me from a vehicle passing. It missed but it injured me in the fleeting anger I felt toward that person because anger is always harmful. Then God changed a negative to a positive as I prayed for the person. So there is injury if with a miss. And here not only physical objects apply but also words and thoughts. Even if they miss the target, harm is done and as with the thrown bottle, they can never be taken back. Let's take just a moment to think of the potential injury before we throw.

Day 28, Bonham State Park, TX, 72 miles, 1445 total miles:  At 8 i stopped for a cup of coffee and at 9 stopped at the Kountry Kitchen in Blossom for breakfast. Their special for about $3 made sure you didn't leave hungry. It was here I met Bob and Ruth, travelers from Missouri who had already logged about 2500 miles by car. Bob was very taken with my quest, asked for extra cards, bought my breakfast, and, as I was about to leave, prayed for me.

Day 29, Gainesville, TX, 62 miles, 1507 total miles:  When I entered Barbara's Burgers in Bell I asked if she was willing to serve a drowned rat. She replied in the affirmative and we continued a coversation mostly in answer to her questions; but I also managed a few. This very small establishment with only a counter and stools for inside eating was started by her father in 1950. I complemented her on my over easy egss done to perfection and she responded that her eggs usually came out the way they wanted to. Her young lady assistant was excited about preparations for her graduation from the local high school. Barbara ia a fascinating, interested in people person as any who would grace her establishment would find. One of the questions she asked me was how many tires I had gone through and I responded I was still on the original pair; but then I made a mistake. I also reported that I had not yet had a single flat tire. You guessed it, just a few miles up the road I noticed a lot of glass on the shoulder I was traveling and soon after I felt the familiar bumpy ride of a tire going flat. I was blessed that I was able to patch the tube without removing the rear wheel.

Day 30, Henrietta, TX, 68 miles, 1575 total miles:  I learned this morning through the Weather Channel that I am in Tornado Alley at the worst time of the year. Storms are predicted to last for days and it would appear the Weather Channel people would like me to hole up for awhile but I believe I am to continue. The rain stopped and I departed the motel at 8:30 AM prepared for more rain which started about 6 miles into my ride. A thick haze developed over the rolling terrain, the sky darkened, and the rain intensified. One person in a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction honked his horn at me, loud and long, as if to say I was crazy to be bicycling in this.

Day 31, Wichita Falls, 26 miles, 1601 total miles:  Motel 6 had a customer coin laundry on premises so I washed and dried almost everything. While doing my laundry I encountered a lady walking her dog. She spotted the Bike Florida tee shirt i was wearing and told me of her daughter in Kissimmee (near Disney World and Orlando). I produced a freedom card and she responded that our meeting was no accident. If this was the only such encounter of this journey it would indeed validate the entire journey as each soul is precious beyond all the treasure of this earth. We (Freedom ministries) are greatly blessed that we have had many such encounters. Yet the most significant one may have been the most casual initially. Such is the work of our Father. Thank you, Father, for allowing us to see fruit from our obedience.

Day 32, Vernon, TX, 58 miles, 1659 total miles:  Soon after resuming my ride my rear tire went flat and I discovered upon extracting the tube that it was not the new one I had supposed and it had blown a patch. Remounting the rear wheel was like a wrestling match with my top-heavy bike with only a sign pole to lean the bike against. I asked Father's help and He taught me a new technique for mounting the rear wheel with the bike laying in the grass. Thank you, Father. As You know, I was about to lose that wrestling match.

Day 33, Paducah, TX, 70 miles, total miles 1729:  After Thalia I spotted a pickup truck and not far from it a man in a cowboy hat and jeans who looked to be coiling a lariat but it was actually wire from his electric fence. In passing I yelled a big, "Howdy;" and he returned, "where're you headed." Any interest from anyone is my trigger so I did a U turn and he walked out to the highway. What a delightful conversation with this self-identified farmer-rancher. As I again rolled down the highway I thought how farmers and ranchers in theis part of the country used to feud. Now we can find both in the same person. Otis Johnson was certainly one of the most authentic Texans I would meet. His card dispalys pictures of both a cow and a horse.

Day 34, 5/4/00, Paducah, TX, 2 miles, 1731 total miles:  Initially today was thought to be perhaps a half day of riding since I had so much correspondence and journal work to catch up on. I had fellowshipped until 11:30 Jeff and Tammy the night before and as a result had slept late. The Jeff and I had breakfast together and I finally realized, if I was to catch up, I would not be able to ride at all. Indeed I was at work on this mini-notebook until early evening with interruptions only lunch, grocery shopping, and fellowshipping with Susan who delivered some of her home-baked cookies for prisoners to the parsonage for Jeff to take on his Kairos weekend.

Day 35, Plainview, TX, 92 miles, 1823 total miles:  Truly this morning I have never felt more at peace with God and the world. Leaving Paducah on US 70 I saw three trees standing side-by-side. They reminded me of the three crosses and the enormous price that Jesus paid to bring us the truth. Yet that purpose is so often obscured and thus watered down through the false doctrine of lifting of sins through blood sacrifice, a doctrine with its birth in pagan ritual long before Jesus came on the scene and wrongly attached to him. Perhaps this is why so many who profess to be Christians and believe his teachings yet do not live by them. Perhaps, The Man in the Desert, which is the reason for this sacrifice, will help to open the eyes of the world to the truth.

Day 36, Muleshoe, TX, 60 miles, 1883 total miles:  I thought I would get a lot of work done on my computer but managed only one e-mail composition when I was joined by Tom, and 82 year young cotton farmer. A teenage group was washing vehicles outside and he offered a $5 tip as his pickup was in dire need of a cleaning. Walking by my table where I was typing away he inquired about my trip. Soon carrying food he ordered he asked if he could join me. Well we really hit it off and had some cominality in our backgrounds. Though he was retired and had ceded all his properties to his children he remained a very active man which helped to explain his incredible vigor. Though not in these exact words, he informed me he was a lover of all people.

Day 37 (rest day), Clovis, NM, 30 miles, 1913 total miles:  This very day, while in prayer, He gave me this short but powerful revelation that surrender and obedience are the key to life.

Day 38, Fort Sumner, NM, 56 miles, 1969 total miles:  Before remounting the wheel, I discovered the tire was again flat. The fresh tube was leaking through an old patch. Then Leo, my "good Samaritan," stopped and offered a lift into my objective town of Fort Sumner just ten miles away which now seemed a hundred to me. I gladly accepted his assistance, unpacked Lightnin' and placed bicycle and luggage in the back of Leo's truck. Leo was a delightful man who had retired and moved to Fort Sumner to go fishing but found himself so busy he had no time for fishing. Busy no doubt being a "good Samaritan" for others as well as me. In fact he was return from such a mission of mercy when he found me with my fourth flat rear tire of the day. He delivered me with my gear to a Super 8 Motel in Fort Sumner.

Day 39, Vaughn NM, 61 miles, 2030 total miles:  The weather here is very different from Florida. A day in the ninties here is not oppressive as it is a dry heat. Also the temperature spread from night to day is greater, often 40 degrees. I noticed even at 10 AM this morning still a slight chill while riding wearing only my bicycle jersey. I entered the town of Yeso, 20 miles out, hoping for breakfast but there wasn't even a convenience store, only a post office. I met the post mistress, a very nice lady. She and her husband, a University of Nebraska graduate as I, moved their ranching activity from Nebraska to New Mexico five years ago. I decided to have breakfast from my own provisions and discovered I had left my two larger water bottles in the last motel room. The post mistress saw that I left with my two bottles on the bike filled. This was barely enough to get me to Vaughn 36 miles up the road as I experienced three more flat rear wheel tires.

Day 40, Santa Fe, NM, 0 miles, 2030 total miles:  The trip was about 100 miles and went rapidly as Alex and Luis and I shared much from our backgounds which included military service for all three, their's from World War Two era and mine Viet Nam Conflict era. I quickly learned I was in the presence of two angels in the flesh as Luis was known for helping people on the road, even hitchikers. Luis was a more frequent visitor to Santa Fe as he had family there and was blest with many children, grand children, and great grandchildren. I also learned Alex had lived in Vaughn all his life and had inherited the motel from his parents. I had a very pleasant experience with my room. As warned by Alex's wife, Marcella, it was the smallest; but I had replied that all I needed was room for White Lightnin' and me which it provided. Though old it was clean and had a friendliness you don't find in newer motels.

Days 41, 42, 43 (rest and relaxation days), Glorieta, NM

Day 44, Albequerque, NM, 56 miles, 2090 total miles:  During my first two hours on the bike I was caught separately by two other cyclers on the Interstate who were local riders carrying no luggage. The first was Stephen and the second Charlie who was preparing for a cross country group ride from Seattle to Washington, D.C. I was able to hand each a freedom card while riding.

Day 45, Grants, NM, 90 miles, 2180 total miles:  I experienced a 7 mile climb out of Albequerque, not sttep, just long. The day would be a series of climbs and downhills but more climbing while heading west. A conversation came to mind about surrender. The point was made that surrender may be easier for me than others. Quite the opposite was true as i used to be a person who had to do everything myself including fighting a consuming addiction for forty years. Since I learned I need God's strength, His grace, His divine love in all things, I daily and more pray for His help to surrender. So if it seems easy for me, it is because even that I can't do without Him. When Jesus said, "You can do nothing without me," he wasn't speaking of himself but his Father as evidenced when he also said "I do nothing on my own." The source of strength for all he did was the Father. Just what do we think we can do without Him? It took this hard head forty years of addiction to fianally realize that. We can no more surrender on our own than take our next breath without Him.

Day 46, Thoreau, NM, 34 miles, 2214 total miles:  After breakfast, a failed atempt to photograph some local scenery and high winds delayed my arrival at St. Bonaventure. I entered the dining hall toward the end of the lunch period where students and staff alike were eating. The headmaster, Bob O'Connell invited me to join him for lunch and I met some of his staff members. After an impressive tour of the school, Bob arranged my staying in the school computer lab to catch up on some work. Later he visited me with keys to an unoccupied mobile home at a nearby park owned by the mission where I am typing this journal entry. I was delighted to find a washer and dryer and proceeded to do my laundry. After a little service on White Lightnin', I'll retire early as the wind today took its toll on this sixty year old body. I will plan to depart early to get a jump on the wind in the morning.

Day 47, Gallup, NM, 41 miles, 2255 total miles:  A little after 7, I stopped for a cup of coffe at an Indian gift shop at the Continental Divide, elevation 7,275 feet. There I learned I had been riding in a temperature of 40 degrees and a wind chill factor significantly below. As I arrived my fingers beneath full gloves felt as if they would break. A very nic lady accepted payment for my coffee and we chatted forn some time. She was one of those easy to speak to people.

Day 48, Chambers, AZ, 63 miles, 2318 total miles:  The overnight low in Gallup was 36 degrees which dictated That I bundle up for departure which was 6:30 AM. I had been given a coupon for the Ranch Kitchen about a mile south of the motel and arrived before opening time of 7 o'clock so I meditated facing the warm rays of the early morning sun. The Father and I communicated powerfully to the point of almost forgetting physically where I was. Other people gathered awaiting opening and we entered together. Included in a party of four was Chet whom I later met. We actually fellowshipped due to our instant bond, a strong faith in God.

Day 49, Winslow, AZ, 82 miles, 2400 total miles:  As I started down the interstate I gave thanks to Father God and asked for no challenges due to flats or weather this day as I had 82 miles to traverse. Our only challenge today would be road condition on one stretch of about 18 miles west of Holbrook where the shoulder was like washboard. it slowed us little as we traversed our route in 7 hours including stops for rest, lunch, grocery shopping, and printing cards. While riding I thought of God and a revelation came that where man thinks in terms of right or wrong God thinks in terms of oneness or separation. When we operate in love we are closer to Him but when in other than love we move farther away. Evil is the creation of man as God operates only in love and as co-creators with Him we can use the substance and provision from Him for good or evil, right or wrong, in love or out of love resulting in closeness to or separation from Him. I am reminded of a scripture in 1 John, "He who lives in love lives in God and God in Him."

Day 50, Clints Well, AZ, 58 miles, 2458 total miles:  From the restaurant i was directed to a very small campground with just seven spaces and a "campground full" sign at the entry. I entered anyway and the full status was confirmed by a gentlsman and lady at the first site; however they directed me to the manager's RV. A lady immerged and walked the driveway with me following saying she would try to make room for me. A gentleman in a truck camper was not using his picnic table or space other than his parking area and agreed to share his site. I was in and to my delight discovered this to be a free campgrounds. No wonder it was full. The lady manager invited me to attend the group campfire this evening and I felt God's orchestration in this whole scenario.

Day 51, Prescott Valley, AZ, 84 miles, 2542 total miles:  Maureen and Ron and I rose early to a chilly, beautiful Arizona morning. I broke camp and packed my gear while Maureen prepared a delicious breakfast of pancakes (all I could eat) and eggs. While i was packing my gear, Ron delivered a hot cup of coffee. I was indeed humbled by the wonderful hospitality from these two blessed children of the Father and pray my role of messenger will bear fruitful blessing in them. After a breakfast where the conversation was even more delicious than the food I departed reluctantly given their e-mail address and a reference in Sacramento for possible contact later in my journey. As I passed the nearby restaurant, I realized I had not saved time by breakfasting with Ron and Maureen as it was now 8 AM; but I had gained something far more valuable than time, two new friends with a powerful spiritual bond from our Father. Ron and Maureen, I love you and we will meet again.

Day 52 (rest day), Prescott Valley, AZ, 0 miles, 2542 total miles

Day 53, Prescott, AZ, 14 miles, 2556 total miles:  I walked out of the motel well before daybreak to the openess of the Arizona desert and distant mountains and star studded sky and rapidly found myself in prayer of thanksgiving to the Father for all of His magificent blessings experienced by this unworthy child. Isn't it wonderful that we cannot possibly earn these awesome blessings from our awesome Father, we only need to accept through surrender and obedience. By thus doing we open our channel to His magnificent flow. This is all related to the presentation in the final chapter, "Tap the Greatest Power," in 40 Days to Freedom and the message of spiritual rebirth running throughout The Man in the Desert.




(This part of Freedom Letter repeated from earlier issues)

The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict is published and available, both print and download formats, through our co-publisher, 1stBooks Library (www.1stBooks.com) on the Internet. It is available at bookstores either through POD (print-on-demand) machines or by order from Ingram's Distributors or by calling 1-800-839-8640.

Spiritual and personal freedom from all that attempts to enslave us is again the theme as is true with all the publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc. In addition, The Man in the Desert includes my personal and spiritual autobiography which was not included in our first book. As since disclosed to me, this was God’s plan that I experience nine years of His tutelage of my soul, after its rebirth through His Holy Spirit, before sharing my full autobiography in print.

As orchestrated by the Father, the proceeds from the new book will be used to pay for additional printing and free distribution of 40 Days to Freedom; therefore, all author royalties will be donated directly to Freedom Ministries.

By the grace of God, I receive no ministry salary. Since freeing me from self-dependence to God-dependence in early ‘98, God has adequately provided for me materially as well as mentally and spiritually; and I have indeed come to understand what St. Paul characterized in 2 Cor 6:10, “we seem to have nothing, yet really we possess everything.” The spiritual provisions  and knowledge from the Lord have been especially bountiful.  God has revealed to me just two things we take from this life into the spirit world, love and knowledge.  If our only love experienced is selfish, then we gain little that is useful in the hereafter.  Likewise, if our only knowledge gained while here is secular, of this world, then not only is this useless in the next life but can stymie our growth in knowledge and love which is intended for eternity.

I am thankful to the Father for making this new work available to His children, which we all on this earth are, before the birth of the new millennium on January 1, 2001. Its powerful message has the potential to do much to bring sanity and hope and freedom from all fears to our beleaguered, materialistic world. My cup truly overflows and my prayer is that overflow will bless you through The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict.                  TOP



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We wish to remind our readership that our efforts, both with The Man in the Desert and with FJ2K, from a practical standpoint are directed to transforming prisoners' hearts from hearts of crime or sin to hearts of agape love.  Sin enslaves while love sets free.  Incarcerated prisoners have not had access to our miracle book, 40 Days to Freedom, since early '99 as they do not have access to the Internet and we have been out-of-print.  By purchasing The Man in the Desert or by sending donations (see "Contact Us"), you are serving both yourself and society as most incarcerated people are released from their physical prisons to become your and my neighbors. When you look at the cost per year, between $20,000 to $50,000 each, to send them back to prison, this is certainly a small investment while enriching your own life and life to come.  Indeed The Man in the Desert is so reasonably priced to in a way be better than free as some people don't pay much attention to free literature even if it is inspired by God Himself.  We pray your journey through this short life on earth will be filled to overflowing with God's blessings, His provision, His freedom which is the only true freedom for the human soul, and most of all His Divine Love.  Amen.





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