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On the road (FJ2K) with Tom Lomas 4/19/00





“Your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you.” (Eph 6:10)

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(This part of Freedom Letter revised from earlier issue)

The Freedom Letter, 40 Days to Freedom, and The Man in the Desert are publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc., a Florida not-for-profit corporation (#N94000005074). Providing insight and God-given procedure for freeing the human spirit from all that would enslave is the focus of all our publications.  Tom Lomas, the author,  was told by his Creator to "follow the example of Jesus' forty days in the desert" in answer to a desperate prayer when on the brink of a second suicide attempt.

Tom’s addiction of almost forty years was classified by psychiatry as “masterful instinct” (incurable). During the forty day walk in the desert of his soul, he was spiritually reborn and set free. God then disclosed the reason he was given a procedure, instead of an instant healing, was for Tom to write 40 Days to Freedom so souls in bondage, all over the world, would experience this same, glorious, God-given freedom and rebirth.

Since early 1995 almost 17,000 in-print copies of 40 Days to Freedom have been distributed without cost to the recipients, as a gift from their Creator Father. Our miracle book has been given freely to souls in need in 25 countries, 49 states, all US territories, including individuals, 135 prisons and jails, and 192 prison and recovery ministries.  This does not include distribution through our web site as a free download since 1996.  40 Days to Freedom has been out-of-print since early 1999; and we are hopeful of a third printing by late 2000 or early 2001 as God's provision is now in process through the publishing and distribution of our second book which is for sale only both online and in print.

 In answer to a prayer for prisoners, on May 18, 1999, God gave Tom the title of this second book, The Man in the Desert.  All royalties are paid directly to our ministry for the purpose of a third printing and distribution of 40 Days to Freedom.  Also, all donations will be used for this purpose.  Thanks to the orchestration of our Father in heaven, Freedom Journey 2000 (FJ2K) has been adequately funded through the donations of primarily two people.  If you have been blessed by 40 Days to Freedom, this may be an opportunity to share your blessing with others still in bondage.   If you wish to be a part of that process, see "Contact Us." Freedom Ministries, Inc. is qualified as a 501(c)(3)charitable organization (IRS #585090062).

This issue of the Freedom Letter - on the road will deviate from the standard format and share Tom's experiences, blessings, and inspirations while pedaling around the world on his bicycle, White Lightnin'.  This format is planned to be repeated every two to four weeks until Tom returns to Orlando from what is now his last place of visit, Belfast, Ireland where he will attend the annual conference of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  God's plan, as currently disclosed, includes bicycling from Orlando to Seattle and Italy to Ireland.





Prelude:  I will first apologize for the following texts are unedited.  My editor for what will be the finished book to grow out of this great adventure, Freedom Journey 2000, is Johanna Davies, a Freedom Ministries' Board of Directors member, who is editing for the book and not this newsletter.  Should I edit these excerpts, not only would that be redundant, but it would not allow me to include as much content which I believe our readers want as much shared as possible.  I am only able to compose newsletters on rest (from bicycling) days which are also crowded with other tasks such as today 's grocery shopping and a visit to the State of Louisiana Chamber of Commerce.  Not much challenge if one is driving a car.  Each excerpts is not necessarily the best of each day but simply the first the Lord leads me to share.  Therefore you will need to purchase the published book, Freedom Journey 2000, in 2001 to read the whole story.

Day 1 (my daughter Chris' home in Oviedo, FL): Shortly after starting, coming through the center of Oviedo, I was chased by a huge, beautiful German Sheppard who, thankfully was behind a fence. I saw this as a definite blessing and good omen for my journey start as I hope to someday have a pair of these gorgeous brutes roaming the property of the future Freedom Retreat Center. I delighted in God's creation of a creature that can be both so magificient and fearsome at the same time.

Day 2 (De Leon Springs): I spent a restless night at the base of Old Methuselah and had to wait for the park to open before I could leave as it was gated and fenced. Fortunately, due to the implementing of daylight savings, 8 AM came one hour earlier. Since the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Restaurant also opened at 8, I decided to partake of the pancakes I mentioned yesterday but didn't connect with. They were great especially when mixed with a couple eggs, also do-it-yourself. The waitress asked me to plug in the griddle at the table as she took my order. She returned with a pitcher filled with five grain batter and two unbroken eggs.

Day 3: Micanopy is a quaint old Florida town where I had stopped before on two Bike Floridas. I inquired about reasonable lodging at an antique shop and they recommended Shady Oaks accross the street where I was blessed to meet the manager, Mary. She related her experiencing dieing three times in the hospital and watching medical staff desperately working th revive her as she floated above seeing every detail. On her revival her smoking compulsion was totally cured. I shared with her a little from my own story of freedom from addiction and she related she needed my first book for a family member with a compulsive disorder. God is so great; we were both wonderfully blessed.

Day 4: My carry-along provisions of prunes, beef jerky, and mixed peanuts and raisins were exhausted so I bought all and transferred the goods, except for the prunes, into zip lock bags. I had to rearrange some of the other contents of my food bag to accept the restocking, a minor challenge, then we were on our way to the day's objective, High Springs and a nearby state park with a campground. Still not having transferred files to my editior as I was rolling through town the thought occurred that it would be nice, due to that need plus my restles last night, to find a cheap flea-bag motel. No more than two minutes later there it was, the Cadillac Motel. It didn't have fleas but was old, simple, free local calls from the room, and the price was right. Father definitely came through again.

Day 5: I stopped for a cup of coffee at a Shop Smart in Fort White where the manager a middle-aged pleasant man with a full face and very dark hair reminded me of someone, perhaps a celebrity, but my memory can't quite identify. As I handed him a card I said the book was about freedom which he wanted defined. I responded the freedom Jesus referenced when he said, "you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." He responded with an "oh" which seemed to display a disinterest with religious reference so I added, "it will even set the reader free from organized religion" which sparked a response that that was needed.

Day 6: 24 miles later I stoped for breakfast at the metropolis of Lee, FL, population too small to note on my map. But my map indicated an eating establishment and sure enough there was Archies. I entered just before they replaced their displays about breakfast with those for lunch and ordered the morning specialty, Sausage gravy and biscuits and two eggs and was I glad I did. The biscuits and gravy covered an entire plate so the eggs were delivered on a side dish cooked I might add to perfection, just the way I like them, nice and runny. I am normally not a big eater and believe one reason for our obesity problem in America is the large food portions served in almost all restaurants. But on this jouney I am finding it necessary to often contradict my normal regimen to consume enough fuel for the task at hand. Such was my pleasure at Archies as not only was there much and good food but not the slightest hint of heartburn. That may have been a first for me with biscuits and gravy. In addition three members of the staff were delighted to receive Man in the Desert cards. One compared my quest to that of a man carrying a cross all over America. This was the second time since my journey start to hear of him. Hope I bump into him, not literally of course. As I rode this day I discovered a new dog tactic. Chasing and attacking dogs are a challenge for all cyclists. My typical reaction used to be to outrun them yelling "NO!" Not as easy carrying 35 pounds of baggage. So at first opportunity I tried a new tactic. God has shown me love is the greatest power in the universe so I tried actually slowing down as they approached barking and growling. Then I sweet-talked them much the same as I was already in the habit of doing with farm animals. Much to my delight this seemed to take the steam out of their attack. They would still run behind me a short distance probably just to save face with their buddies but without nagressive fervor. and when they stop I congradulate them on being good dogs.

Day 7 (Monticello): While at the laundramat I met a nice lady and our mothers came into the conversation. I told her of my mother's passing in December and how God revealed that she would be my guardian angel for my journey.She told of her mother in her 80's in and out of a nursing home and now back in since she had stopped eating which is exactly what led to my mother's physical death. I shared what I had learned through that experience especially that it is not an unpleasant way to die which I had been surprised to learn. I then check out of my current residence and headed for the Capri Motel, an old and quite remote establishment. Though I could not go online from my room, the caretaker allowed me access through his phone in his art studio. MacMillan (I called him Mack) has done things with frog art like you can't imagine but he has substantially impressed a major university and a prominent publishing firm which has requested that he double his portfolio to complete the book they will publish. The man went all out to be helpful and friendly to me. So I was able to complete and transmit my computer work, but it was later over a beer I made the most fascinating discovery about this marvelous, loving man, his near death experience. Remember Mary in Micanopy? That's right this was my second encounter with an NDE'er just seven days into my journey. Coincident or Godcident? He too reported being out of body after dieing in an ambulence and observing the work being done to revive him. He too told of this event changing his life, making him a more loving person, making every day precious. What a blessing this man is to all he meets.

Day 8 (on the road to Midway,FL): Then my bike problem began. My chain started scraping the chain guard of the front derailluer. I would adjust the lever and pretty soon it would scrape again. This continued until the lever was fully in the big chain ring position yet the chain was still on the small ring. Now I could only run in the two largest (lowest) gears without scraping. In addition and intermittent clunking sound was becoming more pronounced. I made it to a small store and service station where I purchased a cup of coffee to enjoy while trying to fix my sick Bicycle. I met a Mr. Ford, a friendly man with a great smile, while in the store. He said, "That's what I should be doing bicycling, exercising." We had coversation revealing he was in law enforcement and I related my involvement in prison ministry. He informed me of a bicycle shop several miles ahead along my route for which I was thankful and hoped I would be able to effect a temporary fix to allow me to cycle there rather than walk. He was very interested in The Man in the Desert and I had to tell him and others today that it might be a week or so before it would be available at bookstores. I was so informed by e-mail from my co-publisher the day before. Outside the store I met a friendly truck driver named Billy who was also interested in my journey and book. I was unable to find any way to to adjust my shifting mechanism but did enjoy the coffee and was soon on my way hoping to make it to the bike shop without breaking down. I didn't make it. Mid-way up one of Tallahassee's many hills the clunking got substantially louder then the chain came off its ring. I quickly dismounted without jamming the chain but when I leaned the bike against a road sign I broke my rear view mirror. For a fleeting moment I remembered the saying "when it rains it pours." But realizing quicly my situation could be much worse I ivestigated and found the problem was not my shifting mechanism but the bottom bracket where the two pedal arms are attached to the bicycle. One side had unscrewed itself. Fortunately I was able to screw it back into its housing sufficiently to reach Abaout bikes about 10 AM and found Dan and Ken just opening their shop. I left White Lightnin' in their capable hands and went for breakfast to the highly recommended Jenny's Lunch Box which, as the name implies, was a very small but good restaurant. My waitress went the extra mile to find me some strawberry jam and I quickly downed the egss, home fries, and wheat toast with a couple of cups of coffee. As you have probably noticed by now, my coffee consumption hasn't diminished much from before the trip started.

Day 9: I left cards today at a few churches and with people I met along the way, not as many as some days past perhaps since our focus today was on extra mileage. This was not without challenge as I had a choice for most of the day between the steeper hills of back roads or the higher and larger traffic of US Route 90. The hills were challenge enough but for many I also had a brisk headwind which set me to huffing and puffing by the time I reached each apex. I availed of the free continental breakfast at Hojo's but when checking out found I had to pay for every phone call to AOL that didn't connect and there were many until i lucked into a solution to my online connection problem this morning. So I guess we could say the breakfast wasn't free. NormallyI seek such information when checkin g in but I was just too pooped yesterday as the weather and malfunction gods were against me. I stopped for lunch in Chattahoochee at a Subway and had a foot longer and chips. Normally I wouldn't each such a big sandwich ; but it disappeared rapidly. When I asked the cashier if she would read my book, she promptly responded she doesn't like to read but asked her work companion. Soon they were both excited that I was an author and the cashier promised to give the information to her librarian and read The Man in the Desert after the library's procurment. The promise was given to obtain my autograph on the card. They as others said something about seeing me on Oprah in the future.  

Day 10: Last night was a foolish experiment on my part. I had felt guilty over Day 8 expenditures of well over $100 for bicycle repairs, groceries, and lodging, not including meals. In addition I saw the predicted mid-thirties temperature as a challenge to overcome by wearing layers of clothing and draping my ground cloth, converted from automobile cover, over my tent for insulation. The cold air found neither th cover or thin tent walls any barrier. I turned in wearing three layers of clothing and before midnight added another which was still not enough. I kept waking cold and tried to keep my head warm with my hat and staying under the sleeping bag cover but then found brathing a challenge. About 4 AM I walked to the rest room which, as I had supposed, was considerable warmer than the tent and sat on a long counter dozing on and off for about an hour. I then returned to the tent and zipped in went about task of sloly packing my gear. Thankfully the site had electricity so I was able to keep my computer running all night to prevent damage from the cold. As I exited the tent day was breaking. I proceeded to load lightnin' and ride to a nearby Butger King where hot coffee and breakfast was waiting. I believe God allows everything to happen for purpose and I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Frugality can be pushed to a limit where it becomes the opposite of virtue. God had provided somewhat of a windfall contribution for my ministry just prior to departure. Such provision was for the carrying out of His will in this assignment of FJ2K and not for hoarding for later use by the ministry. If I abuse the great gift of this amazingly fit sixty year old body to the extent the current mission is not completed, no good is served.

Day 11:

Here I am at the River's Edge Campground on the banks of the Yellow River. What a gorgeous late afternoon. I would estimate the temperature in the low 70's with a light breeze, mostly light clouds in the sky and just a hint of coolnes in each little gust of air. It's very quiet just the sound of water trickling and an ocassional buzz of a passing fly or bee. We departed Ponce De Leon about 8 AM this morning after a quick cup of coffee from a little store near the lodge. I was able to dry out my tent in the air conditioned room overnight. Its odor was becoming noxious. Then here at the campground I turned it inside out and let it air for awhile before setting up. Much better. While having coffee this morning I met a man who had recently been in Seattle and was familiar with my route. He said I had some breath-taking sights ahead. This at River's Edge was the first to spur me to set up the camera. Now i hope to insert it in the next newsletter.

Day 12: Coming accross the bridges of Escambia Bay I was reminded of my cycling in the Florida Keys and as then inspired by the spirituality of God's openess to us like the openess of His vast creation. That He should offer His very substnace through His Holy Spirit to us mere humans is almost too much to fathom. To faithfully respond to our true desire for oneness with Him by making us like Him, by replacing our love with His Divine Love, our will with His will of toal goodness and yet allow us to retain our individuality is beyond comprehension but is true for He made us to be His friends every one. That the God of Love should seek to free us from judgmentalism, hate, anger, and all that is contrary to love and yet retain any of those miserable traits himself, as some Christians teach, is utterly absurd and beyond all reason.

Day 13: Contrary to superstition, Day 13 was not a day of mifortune but a day of great blessings starting with continental breakfast in the hotel. There was only one other guest present as I entered the coffee room, a powerfully built black man somewhat my senior wit an aura of peace about him. On his table was a cap with "Blue Angels." Confusing them with the Air Force Thunderbirds, I asked if he had served in the Air Force. He responded that he had been a ground pounder in the Army; and our conversation was off and running. Benjamin had a fascinating background as a college football player then as a jazz and rythum and blues artist and as a representative of Anheiser Busch. As will generally happen with believers, our conversation evolved fro the secular to the spiritual and we shared each others testimonies of rebirth. Soon I felt as if I had known and loved this man all my life and we agreed that we will be together in our next lives. Benjamin knew his scripture very well and quoted both Old Testament and New in praying over me as we hugged each other and parted. He will always be a very special man to me and an angel to all who meet him.

Day 14 (Bayou La Batre, MS): While at breakfast at Sidney's I had had pleasant conversation with a amn in the oyster business who informed me this small town had become famous for the filming of Forrest Gump and receives many tourists as a result. As I did not remove Lightnin' from the 2nd floor until departure, I did not see much of "Gump Town" except for my first pass through heading for Sidney's on the far side from my direction of travel. The people I encountered all seem quite friendly. My greatest challenge of this day was connecting to the Internet which took hours. Finally on my third call to AOL tech, the rep had me make some changes in my modem settings which worked. Iwas then able to catch up on my journaling and its transmission.

Day 15: We (God's assigned angels including my mother) arrived in Biloxi about 1 PM un scathed having enjoyed four lane road all the way. Enroute we passed through Pascagoula whwer, at a traffic light, a boy auto passenger shouted to ask if I had peddled fro Florida. He was pleased that I answered plus told him my ultimate US destination. In the same town I stopped to use the rest room and fill my water bottles at a McDonalds. It seemed unfair that I would just use their free facilities and leave so I approached the manager with a card and thanked him for his hospitality. He was both surprised and pleased. Outside a gentleman clad in denim started conversation while I was preparing my rig for the road. Being an around town cycler, he was impressed with the journey. I hope he also reads the book. When I arrived in Biloxi this Saturday at lunch time I found heavy traffic and received many honks of displeasure. Some drivers would not pass me in my land though there was plenty of room. I enquired at several hotels and learned, due to the casinos, the motel rates were higher than normal on Friday and Saturday. The lowest rate I could find was $55 which I was not willing to pay. Praise God, I found a nice campground with good facilities for $18 and set up camp about 2:30 PM followed by a refreshing dip in the pool. A Pizza Hut was right accross 90 from the campground so I was able to use one of my grandchildren's gift certificates for a great feed of salad and Pasta.

Day 16:  Reaching the town of Pearlington I inquired about a motel at a small store and learned there was none. With the problem I had with Internet connection two days before, I was getting behind on transmitting my work. Then a Godcident. A customer of the store overheard my conversation with the clerk and promptly asserted that she would rent me her camp. Well Cassandra (sp?) and Cary turned out to be God's angels in the flesh. The camp, a two bedroom house on a river, was just a block away; and as it would otherwise be empty for the night she lowered her price to my offer without hesitation which unmistakenly was the favor of God. Thank you, Father. The camp was clean, spacious, very comfortable, and provided a great Internet connection which allowed me hours to catch up on my communications. Late afternoon I was contemplating finding something at the same store to pop in the microwave for dinner and the phone rang. It was Cassandra inviting me to a spaghetti feast with her and Cary who, by the way, had been a professional chef in the past which was reflected in the meal. Absolutely delicious! In addition, Cassandra provided the use of a road atlas and upon returning to the camp I was able to map my journey which would rejoin my purchased trip plan only briefly in Baton Rouge where I would again deviate to head for Glorieta, NM. God is so good. I retired late for me at 10 PM marveling at the wonderful assistance sent to this traveler by his Boss.

Day 17: I neglected to report that last night during dinner with Cassandra and Cary I related how god had recently led me to study literature on near death experiences and guess what? That's right, number three! Cary had a near death experience as a child when he almost died. Hours passed as an instant and he saw everyone who visited him as if he was conscious but he wasn't. Neat stuff! That's three in 16 days. i wonder how many more we'll meet, also how many we've met who haven't revealed because the subject hasn't been discussed. A wonderful nights rest at Cassandra's camp, coffee quickly brewed, Day 16's journal written and emailed to Jody and I was on my way by 7:15 AM. I knew Slidell was 10 miles away and I planned to have breakfast there. On entering Louisiana on Route 90 I was initially impressed with 8 foot wide paved shoulders but they continued for only a few miles and changed to sand and gravel when I turned on Route 190. I was blessed with a brilliant Cardinal sighting, a repeat of just a couple mornings ago that I had not recorded. Again I accepted it as a good omen for the day and was not disappointed. Soon after, God gave me a revelation about a favorite old movie from when I was a smal child, Song of the South, I recalled how Brer Rabbit had outsmarted Brer Fox and Brer Bear into throwing him into the briar patch where he had been born and in actuality was like heaven to him. God told me no matter where we are born our souls were all created by Him and we are all while on this earth on a journey back to Him. If we stay focused on Him as our home, oneness with him as our ultimate goal, we can all experience heaven on earth regardless of our circumstances or surroundings even a briar patch. He is the only One who can turn adversity into blessing as Brer Rabbit realized his heaven not by focusing on his adversaries and what they wanted to do to him but by focusing on his home.

Day 18: I was blessed with free lodging last night at a YMCA camp between Covington and Robert, LA. The room was air conditioned and filled with bunk beds and one single bed which I chose for my place of rest. There was also a small but adequate for my work desk and a chair and a private bathroom. Not bad for free lodging on a night I would ordinarily be slleping on the ground in my tent. Thank you, Father. I awoke well rested to a beautiful day and while waiting for John, who would open the gate to allow my departure at 7:30 AM, I prayed and meditated in this beautiful natural setting of Oak and Pine and rustic buildings. I hugged my new brother John and thanked him for his hospitality and was on my way.

Day 19: After some houskeeping chores and a nap I left for a visit to the Chamber of Commerce for trip planning due to challenging roads and my need to bike considerably more of this state. I also planned for lunch while out then I would be able to devote the afternoon to writing the Freedom Letter. John Borland at the chamber was most helpful and we shared of our personal and spiritual likes. He allowed me to use his phone to communicate with the Highway Patrol where I got the lowdown on roads ahead and furished me with a free map better than the one i purchased an Walgreen's for $4.60. He also informed me of where I could find some good downtown restaurants. I followed his directions and found Avoyelles which initially looked expensive so I entered to simply check the menu but was immediately greeted by the manager, Brian Dykes, who inquired about my journey and recived a card. Of course i had no choice but to stay and was very glad I did. The $5.95 buffet included Chicken Florentine which was out of this world. Other members of the staff, especially a couple of youn men were interested and received cards. I came away totally satisfied that I had tasted local flavor and would not need another meal this day.




(This part of Freedom Letter revised from earlier issue)

The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict is published and available through our co-publisher, 1stBooks Library (www.1stBooks.com) on the Internet. It is available at bookstores either through POD (print-on-demand) machines or by order from Ingram's Distributors or by calling 1-800-839-8640.

Spiritual and personal freedom from all that attempts to enslave us is again the theme as is true with all the publications of Freedom Ministries, Inc. In addition, The Man in the Desert includes my personal and spiritual autobiography which was not included in our first book. As since disclosed to me, this was God’s plan that I experience nine years of His tutelage of my soul, after its rebirth through His Holy Spirit, before sharing my full autobiography in print.

As orchestrated by the Father, the proceeds from the new book will be used to pay for additional printing and free distribution of 40 Days to Freedom; therefore, all author royalties will be donated directly to Freedom Ministries.

By the grace of God, I receive no ministry salary. Since freeing me from self-dependence to God-dependence in early ‘98, God has adequately provided for me materially as well as mentally and spiritually; and I have indeed come to understand what St. Paul characterized in 2 Cor 6:10, “we seem to have nothing, yet really we possess everything.” The spiritual provisions  and knowledge from the Lord have been especially bountiful.  God has revealed to me just two things we take from this life into the spirit world, love and knowledge.  If our only love experienced is selfish, then we gain little that is useful in the hereafter.  Likewise, if our only knowledge gained while here is secular, of this world, then not only is this useless in the next life but can stymie our growth in knowledge and love which is intended for eternity.

I am thankful to the Father for making this new work available to His children, which we all on this earth are, before the birth of the new millennium on January 1, 2001. Its powerful message has the potential to do much to bring sanity and hope and freedom from all fears to our beleaguered, materialistic world. My cup truly overflows and my prayer is that overflow will bless you through The Man in the Desert - Diary of a Freed Addict.                  TOP




We wish to remind our readership that our efforts, both with The Man in the Desert and with FJ2K, from a practical standpoint are directed to transforming prisoners' hearts from hearts of crime or sin to hearts of agape love.  Sin enslaves while love sets free.  Incarcerated prisoners have not had access to our miracle book, 40 Days to Freedom, since early '99 as they do not have access to the Internet and we have been out-of-print.  By purchasing The Man in the Desert or by sending donations (see "Contact Us"), you are serving both yourself and society as most incarcerated people are released from their physical prisons to become your and my neighbors. When you look at the cost per year, between $20,000 to $50,000 each, to send them back to prison, this is certainly a small investment while enriching your own life and life to come.  Indeed The Man in the Desert is so reasonably priced to in a way be better than free as some people don't pay much attention to free literature even if it is inspired by God Himself.  We pray your journey through this short life on earth will be filled to overflowing with God's blessings, His provision, His freedom which is the only true freedom for the human soul, and most of all His Divine Love.  Amen.





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